May 16, 2009

Scomi Recreational & Sports Club Fondant Class

15th May 2009. Our Recreational and Sports Club organized an "Introduction to Fondant" workshop today at lunch time. It received an overwhelming response from the staff. One class can only cater for 8 students, so everyone was racing to register. I did not make it for the first 8, but lucky me one of them withdrawn and she gave me her seat instead. Thank you, Zana!

It was fun; especially when you are with your friends. At the end of day all of us proudly bring back our homemade pretty cakes ... :) Thank you Teacher Zura!

May 10, 2009

Amy's Engagement Cupcakes

9th May 2009. It's Amy engagement day! She is so pretty -- in yellow and gold. Too bad I did not bring my camera that day or else i could have shared her photo here.

I've made my sunflower cupcakes for her engagement day. This time instead of buttercream I used flooding icing. Its smoother and faster :) And o yes, extra gumtex for my flowers so that it can stand the heat. It's 36 degree out there!!

Its supposed to be the door gift for the guest but my aunt loves it so much it became the hantaran. Well ... thanks Amy & Mak Jang for appreciating my art work I don't mind doing it again for the wedding hantaran or wedding cake.... errr but not so sure about the 1000 door gift. Don't think can cope up without Mak who will away for Haj that month.