Nov 16, 2011

Day 1 without my Boss

It has been a raining season here. The clouds were heavy; and pouring rain almost everyday. Last Sunday was not an exception.... and the rain continued till Monday morning.

The weather was breezing cool, and the heavy clouds blocked the sun from shining through my bedroom window. My sleepy head was comfortably tucked on my pillow, and my body curled under the cozy blanket. The alarm kept on screaming; but I still could not pull myself out of the bed.

"Hmm .. what is the worst thing could happen? The Boss is away for a holiday starting today.. yipeee!" I thought gleefully.

"Niza. The worst thing could happen in that the CEO forgotten that M was away and looked for the Senior Manager; which is you! And guess what .. it is 8:30am and this newly promoted girl is not at her desk yet." Yikes! I snapped and rush to the bathroom. Oh my gosh! Stupid. Stupid girl! I was cursing myself under the cold shower.

Time was slipping fast and I slipped into one of the ready-ironed long dress. Wrapped my head with a wrinkle-free shawl and rushed to work. As I walked out to the elevator, only then I remember that this silk long dress need to be worn with my long cotton inner. It flows softly over each curve of my body. Gosh .. now I had to walk around holding my breath tucking in my tummy!

Anyway, thank god of the Pashmina I left at the office, at least I could hide some fat underneath. And yes, I made it on time; sharp 8.30am. Phewww..

Jul 24, 2011

How to make Angry Birds Cupcakes .. Live on WHI, 22 July 2011

I appeared on WHI on Friday, 22nd July 2011 as one of their guests. My segment was to show on how to decorate a cupcake, an Angry Bird cupcake to be exact.

To those who missed that show or could not catch what was taught within that short period, here is step by step guide on how to make An Angry Bird:


1. A golf ball size of plain white sugar paste, divided into 3.

2. A bit of water to act as glue.

3. Some icing sugar to avoid the paste stuck to your hands.

4. Food colouring - red, yellow & orange.

5. Edible black marker -- or black sugar paste.


1. Colour the sugar paste into red and yellowish orange.. Leave some without any colours on.

2. Mould the red sugar paste into a teardrop shape.

3. Flatten some of the plain white sugar paste, make a flat triangle shape. Brush some water on the bottom of the red teardrop paste and glue the white paste on it. The triangle point facing up -- that will be the chin.

4. Next shape two small round white sugar paste to make the eyes.

5. Draw 2 lines on top of the eyes as the eyebrow, pointing up. If you have a black sugar paste .. roll 2 thin string as paste them on top.

6. Draw a black dot as the eye. Again, if you have a black paste, glue a small round black paste on top.

3. Shape 2 small triangles using the yellowish orange sugar paste. Stick them together, one on top the other. Cut the bottom of the triangles to make them straight and even. This will make the beak.

4. Stick the beak underneath the eyes.

5. Flatten a tiny red sugar paste into small oval shape. Cut the middle half way to make it like 2 separate paste stick in the middle. Paste the middle on top on the head.

Thats' it! You have made an Angry Bird sugar paste.

Spongebob & Patrick

Princess Cupcakes

A cake inspired by Debbie Brown.

Jul 19, 2011

My Angry Bird @ WHI

No man is an island .. yup, that was what I said when the host asked me how did I manage my time as a mother of 4, a full time HR manager, did my MBA and now a cake decorator but still having the time to read and write my blog.. I could have not done all of that without the support and encouragement from my family and close friends.

Sometimes I wonder whether I had pushed myself too much but then I realize that we would not know our potentials until we push them to a limit. The only thing that we must remember is to set our priorities right. When workload is overwhelming, I restricted my cake orders. When there are few of both .. I relaxed and read.

But when there is an order, especially on a weak day, I had to sacrifice my sleep. My cake decorating work only starts when the kids had fallen asleep.. It's hard work I know, but the only thing that kept me motivated is my passion.

Love what we do ... and the reward will come on its own :)

Table Tennis - An Inspiration Note

To all the Green Team Member,

Yes .. another one bit the dust. The yellow team showed their true colours.

Akmal was ill and Hafidz had to fill in for him to pair with Jais in the men double match. Despite the last minute arrangement, the duo showed a great performance as though they had been practicing together for years. Their opponent, Syukur and Afiq struggled to keep up and at the end, they lost with a straight set.

And as for Zubaidi and Noor, who played against Nik and Eng Mei were obviously no match for the yellow amateurs. It was an easy game for the Mean Green pair and they won the two games within less than 30 minutes.

Our single male player, Kamalazudin, however, was not as lucky as the rest. He competed against Wignes, a young chap from GRTC, who is a very skillful player. Wigness outdo him in a straight set.

However, win or loose, all our players showed an outstanding performance! Not even a moment, that they showed any signs of giving up.

Yup, our cheering crowd may not be as rowdy as the Comreds nor stomping our feet as the Avatars, but our sportsmanship of giving additional time to Wigness to arrive and allowing Nik to replace Kenneth just before the mix double match, have made us a Winner just by doing that.

A pat on the shoulder of us all.

Today we will be facing the Avatar.. and together .. we will be crooning the immortalized lyrics of the Queen. "We are the Champion"

May 26, 2011

Table Tennis: Day 1

Scomi's 1FA Mean Green team had won all three games against the COMRED on the first day.

Kamal played the Men Single match. The 40++ man who fought against an 20++ year old guy, proven that youth alone is not the determining factor but it was the experience and skill that led to victory. Kamal won with a straight set.

At the next table, Akmal and Jais played men double against the furious pair of Zunnurain and Sahzan. It was full of suspense and both team were as equally strong and skillful. The points difference did not move more than 3; that was how stiff and close the match was. However, due to Kamal's earlier victory in the first male single, it had inspired and built up the green team's confidence. Akmal and Jais became more aggressive but yet singularly focused on winning.

The opponent instead was put under pressure, and fumble into making a lot of mistakes. The green crowd cheered and Syahril's voice alone, towered over against the COMREDs.

It was an awesome game .. and yes, we won that game with a straight set.

Next was Zubaidi and Noor who played against Baizura and Osman in mix double. Zubaidi and Noor played it cool with smooth killer serves. And that alone collected most points. Osman was fierce but I guess he was under pressure to back his partner up; and that unfortunately led him making ineffective and ultimately pointless smashes.

They too won with straight set.

The green crowd was overwhelmed with joy. And to top it up, Hamadah text messages .. " Scomi's NKLF Mix double won all games against ALL houses. And Male Single won against Blue. Today the Male Double will determine the winner"

This year, I am hopeful, that we shall win the match.

May 16, 2011

Scomi turns 8 - Part 2

Something extraordinary happened on Scomi's 8th birthday. Something that will not make me looked at Marcus the same way I did before.

The management team were about to find a seat for themselves when the MC announced that they will be the first performing 'artist' for the day .. Some were fast enough to walked down and hid themselves in between the crowd. It must be difficult to be top and famous, they would never able to hide from the eyes of the paparazzi. No one was spared. All of them were told to be at the stage.

"Now, let's see if the bosses know how to use their body parts.." The MC was grinning.

The GCEO raised his eyebrow and shook his head. "I have a very bad feeling on this guys" He mumbled.

A catchy song was played from the stereo; and two beautiful dancers walked gracefully to the front of the stage.

"Ok guys .. its very simple. All you need to do is to follow their move" The MC gave a direct and clear instruction the performing artistes.

And the dancers started dancing to what seemed to be a combination of a Bollywood and belly dance steps. They were very lively and full of spirit; except that of course, their first time public-dancing students were not as enthusiastic.

It was hilarious watching the bosses imitating out the steps without making a fool of themselves. As though watching the orientation show during the first week of college, only this time the juniors were given the pleasure to hound the seniors.

Ella was right, it was indeed a funny show but hmm .. that was not as spectacular as the next performance I am about to tell you.

A group of tall fit looking guys in their stylish sun glasses skipped and hopped to the stage ready to dance. I recognized few of them, Tony, Lee, Mi .. and hang on, was that Marcus? Gosh .. he was such a nerdy engineer .. but wow! He totally looked different in that out look.

"And now ... specially brought to you, the Sexy Eight ! " The MC announced.

The crowd whistled and cheered. Male dancers performing to an audience in which the majority were girls was definitely more than we bargained for.

Each one of them hold a stalk of red rose in between their lips .. and then they dance to what seemed like the salsa when suddenly they start throwing the roses away.

And .. slowly they took off the sun glasses, swirl it a bit and throw them too!

The audience started to get excited when gradually the dance began to insinuate some sexually suggestive moves. And one of them, a sensuous act of swinging their hands to the back while thrusting their middle front made the audience screamed hysterically.

The screaming became more intense as the hunks slowly unbuttoning their shirt and by the time their shirts was removed, I guess it made most of us ladies turned flushing red!

Ok now. Please hold on to your imagination. No sir, they did not expose their muscular well tone body nor their six pack; but a sleeveless inner shirt with an obvious statement .."I AM SEXY 8".

"Take them off too!" Someone shouted from the floor.

And as I thought they would actually adhere to that request, the sexy hunks continued to unbuckle their belt and slowly pulling it out of their pants. They place the belt in between their legs, swaying it to and fro, before throwing it out to the audience. Oh my gosh! I could feel my jaw dropped and as I looked around ... so was everyone else.

That was the finale .. of such a mind blowing performance. A thumbs up to Fiza the choreographer!

And as for me, I left my office that day filled with euphoria ... and yes, Bernice stayed until the end too :)

May 14, 2011

Scomi turns 8 - Part 1

I was in the midst composing an email to one of the Vendors when an instant group message appeared on bottom left of my computer screen.

"Yo! Are you going to the Scomi party?" wrote Nad

"I don't feel like going, my throat is still sore. Anything special?" Bernice responded.

Somehow I could feel that was not the actual reason. Bernice was still contemplating whether to accept the new job offer and I knew she was trying her best not to be be influenced by us.

"Alaaa please go, it would not be fun without you guys... Besides, I heard they gonna ask the big bosses to do something. And I believe you are going to enjoy it" Ella's words came rolling into the chat box.

And that's it, the last sentence magnetized us. I am always amazed at Ella, her words could melt even the coldest heart...

The room was only half full. This time we were early and there were still a lot of empty seats. Not long, MM stood up at the right corner of the stage, looking ahead to her left, straight to the door as though waiting for or probably giving a signal to someone .. I guess, she's the MC for the day.

The signal must shown her a green 'ON AIR' signs that following shortly, she started her welcoming note to all the residents of 17 to 19 th floor of 1 First Avenue to Scomi's 8th birthday party.

Her short speech was followed by a group of employees tapping their shoes to the beat of Queen - We will Rock You. And lining out from the door was all the Management team in their Friday casual wear walking onto the stage. The audience began to get excited.

The most sporting, and I guess whom have the best voice was given a microphone. Mr Dinesh took the lead to sing the song. The lyrics were modified to relate to the message of Scomi turning 8.

Some of the bosses were struggling to sing along to the tapping tone or rather squeezing their eyes to see the lyrics, except for WR and VK who as though were given 'leaked pop quiz questions" seemed very collected.... I felt there was something amiss. Aha .. no wonder! Those two smart Alex were only just miming the song! Hahahaha ... brilliant!

Dinesh however, was the savior. His voice was loud enough to represent all and he is, thank God, not tone deaf...

It was an impressive performance and they were given round of supportive cheers and a big clap.

As soon as the excited audience have calmed down, a slide presentation appeared ... and the traditional happy birthday song were sung together by everyone .... "Happy Birthday Scomi, Happy Birthday to you .." 8 of the bosses came down from the stage to the front table... to a row of cupcakes, and blow a candle each. Everyone was quite. Flickers of the candle, the soft gentle birthday tunes created a blissful ambiance, as though as watching the birth of a new born baby.

Suddenly my emotions was disturbed by a familiar voice. Next to me, Bernice whispered to Ella .. "Is that it?"

Ella turned into her panicking mode, quickly responded .."No ..No. I am sure there's more!"

Bernice gave her that look that I myself secretly prayed for Ella .. Please, please ..let 'that' not be it..

Lucky her. 'That' was only the beginning.

To be continued.

Apr 30, 2011

Book Journal 2011

Lately there were not many cake pictures to share.

My interest has been diverted into reading. I was surprise myself as I am not such an avid reader; the last time I had the passion to read was when I was a teenager.

And as though, trying to pick up the lost time .. my new interest had sort of became an obsession, an addiction. Once I like a book, I can't stop reading. I lost my appetite -- oblivious of my surroundings and drown into the depth of the story

And as mentioned earlier it was all started with Kinsella's Shopaholic series.

These are my 2011 list of reads so far:

1. Jan 2 - Confession of a Shopaholic - Sophie Kinsella
2. Jan 9 - Shopaholic Takes Manhattan - Kinsella
3. Jan 15 - Shopaholic Ties the Knot - Kinsella
4. Jan 23 - Shopaholic & Sister - Kinsella
5. Jan 30 - Shopaholic & Baby - Kinsella
6. Feb 6 - Mini Shopaholic - Kinsella
7. Feb 11 - Twenties Girl - Kinsella
8. Feb 23 - Remember Me? - Kinsella
9. Feb 20 - Undomestic Goddess - Kinsella
10. Feb 27 - Can You Keep a Secret? - Kinsella
11. Mar 6 - The Gatecrasher - Madeline Wickham
12. Mar 13 - Sleeping Arrangement - Wickham
13. Mar 27 - The Wedding Girl - Wickham
14. Apr 10 - Cocktails for Three - Wickham
15. Apr 24 - To Marry A Prince - Sophie Page
16. Apr 29 - Rice, Fish, Squid and Lamb - Miriiam Isa
17. May 15 - Encore Valentine - Adriana Trigani
18. September 24 - Vision in White - Nora Roberts
19. October 1 - Beds of Roses - Nora Roberts
20. October 8 - Savor the Moment - Nora Roberts
21. October 15 - Happy Ever After - Nora Roberts
22. October 20 - Destiny - Louise Bagshawe
23. October 24 -Desire - Louise Bagshawe
24. November 6- Career Girls - Louise Bagshawe

See you again, I have a book to read :wink

Apr 12, 2011

Green Spongebob

"Come one guys ... the debate is starting soon"!

One of the lady bosses, Pn M, said in her loudest voice with a concern in her face... Hurriedly we grabbed our tag and went up.
A large crowd were already standing by the door.

I was looking for a familiar face when I saw one of my team members standing at the entrance to garden; and paced myself towards her.
Pn. M was already at the stage calling all the 4 House Chef D Mission to come up.

They had to play 'lat tali lat tam plom' to determine who goes first.
All eyes focused on this one Mat Salleh wearing a blue coat as he was trying his best to play the game as he was the last pair with
a short Malay guy wearing a green stripe shirt..

In the foreground, someone cheered for him.. "Come on Steve!"
Steve stood steadfast with eyes down onto his opponent, perhaps trying to read what was on his mind
I guessed the image was blurry .. Steve got 2nd.

Syahril our legal counsel stood up in his proud green shirt.

"Do you remember the time we brought it the pretty masseuse over?
The employees increases by 100%. Legal for example, which their usual
turnaround time to complete a legal agreement was 365 days -- after the massage, we
complete them within 24 hours!"

One of the MT's, Andrew walked up in his blue scarf wrapped around him.

"Halooo ...You are saying that is great? Everyone was so addicted to the massage that
they spend the lunch time at the Thai Massage parlor, extending the hours till 2 o'clock.

"Meanwhile we Blue had created a difference to all of us.
Everyone is now aware of their breast due to our breast awareness program.
Our chef d mission attended the whole session and anyone is not sure how to do it..
they are invited to make an appointment with him .. He can surely do it for you.."

Laughter fills the room ...

Then came Tifli wearing a blazer and pair glass -- imitating the image of one of the opponent political party leaders.

"Tuan dan puan ... Rakyat amat mengagumi kami kerabat Merah sehinggakan
tertubuhnya PKR -- Parti Kejayaan Red. (1)

bla bla..."

I hardly hear the rest as I was laughing until my tummy hurts.

Then the yellow member representative came up in her Yellow sari.

Meena was with her Convent Bukit Nanas flair, fluently talked about the greatness of her house.
She was in her serious-debate-like-talk mode; .. ironically; I could hear sounds of laughter.

I turned around and caught two ladies giggling at the back row of the seats ...There ware rather infectious and I can't help but to laugh..

O dear ... I had to cover my face my the serviette ... just hope she did not see me.

Anyway all and all we had a good break, and good food as well. We were served cendol and rojak mamak.
Pn M and her choice of food had so far never failed us.

Oh yes, who won the 'Debat Perdana?' Green house of course ...

So that's it for now, sorry if this story is a bit bias. I can't help it - I am wearing green :)


(1) Parti Kejayaan Red - PKR is one of Malaysia's political opposition party.

Ballet Kitty

And lately as though everyone here just had their cholesterol check or simply shocked by the news;
'healthy lifestyle' crept into everyone's conversation like the latest fad.

Fiza was talking about competing in the Energizer run.
Nazura and her passion on cycling. Kept on updating us (on FB) where and when she cycles and how many km she's cycled
Azah, Audrey and Sui Wei wanted to join One World's gym as it inclusive the usage of their swimming pool.

They had asked me to join which is very thoughtful of them only that of course I had my own reservations... . (the truth is that I do not know how to swim ..)

So instead, I asked them to accompany me in the Belly Fusion dance class at One U .
But guess what all them burst into laughter.

And then I saw it ...

As though I was watching a replay of a Disney movie, an illusion of Gloria, the Hippo Madagascar in her tutu doing a pirouette beaming from their eyes.

And finally after hearty teary laughters someone said ..' Are you really doing Ballet, Niza?'
Gosh, I wonder what my friends are like at times ... "You guys are totally deluded. Its BELLY dance not Ballet la ..." I said
They paused for a short while, raised their eye brows and continue laughing ..

Hmmph, that's just probably just too much to ask for friends support.

Mar 9, 2011

Appraisal time ..

This video is simply funny!

Feb 7, 2011


'Bookworm' .. I googled the the word just to ensure I got the correct meaning.

'Bookworm - a person who is fascinated by books that he does not know what is happening in the world' ~ urban dictionary.

Hahaha that's a laugh. Yup .. I kind of agree with this definition....and I will tell you why.

It was 28 December 2010, a rainy season;and most of the employees were away on a vacation.Most of my tasks were completed earlier last week. My clients were barking at me like hungry wolves, chasing me to complete whatever they have requested before they go on leave. My last cake order for the year was on on Christmas Day leaving me hmm .. well how do I say this; I was free and restless.

So as the clock stroke 5.30pm, I swung my lovely black TOD'S and half skipping to the door and walk straight to the nearby shopping mall. I stroll along the shops until I found myself ended up at MPH, one of the best local bookstores in Kuala Lumpur.

I had not read for a long time. The last book I read was by Ceceila Ahern .. 'The Gift'. I bought it in end of 2009 and I even took it to Spain last March ... but I still could not complete reading the book. Hmm yup... I was that hopeless when it comes to reading.

That was last year. Probably I could make another effort; since this it was coming to a new year and everyone would need a new resolution. And my 2011 resolution would be 'read more than 5 books' Ha! That would be good.

So I started to search for a good novel to start with .. as they say... a good start is crucial to ensure that you could reach end of the line. And I went to the section which somehow I knew will never fail me - chick-lit.

I looked at a range of Cecilia Ahern's books and I saw ' The book of tomorrow' .. hmm I have not read that one. Probably I should ... but as I looked further to the left ... there they were, a range of Sophiee Kinsella's novels ... from the Shopaholic series to her one off story novel 'Twenties Girl'. And after long thought, I finally choose the first of the Shopaholic series ' Confession of the Shopaholic'

And that where it started. My addiction to Kinsella's books.

Yup addiction... Funny how it sound but I found that I could not stop reading her books. And when I had completed one, I would feel the urge to buy the next one ... until by end of Jan 2011. I had completed all of the Shopaholic series -- yes ALL of them, until to the Mini Shopaholic; which in total would be 6 novels altogether ... Yipeee! I reached my aim within a month!

Well anyway here it is .. there would always be a side-effect on anything you do which is extra-ordinary and to Niza Umar. This is extra-ordinary. So I ended up lacking of sleep -- which without me realizing, loosing some inches .. (that actually was a positive side-effect :p) and the worst was that my world was separated into two. One of the real existing that I am living in and the other is in Kinsella's world... and that was definitely negative side-effect.

Kinsella's world was a fairy tale... Becky Bloomwood shops like every purchase was a good bargain and her tall charming dark eyed husband would just pay off her debts ... hahahaha yeah right.. in this world there would be no way, I mean no way .. any guy would be as generous as Luke Brandon... and who as loving, forgiving and a go-getter at the same time. But again, that what would be the reason why her books were addictive. It took us all to a fantasy .. away from reality.

Anyway.. I am not a bookworm -- and I do know what is happening in the world; thus I am still in control of my shopping budget and have yet overdrawn any of my credit limits...

Err am I off topic???? ... .:p

Feb 2, 2011

Finding the PERFECT birthday gift

Linda had found her way to the Boys sections, at the front section of Toys R Us, fixated by this toy gun which flashes a neon light when she pulled the trigger. I looked at her with a tad of envy; hmm .. looks like she had found hers, whereas I was still here baffling with all the options.

Harith, my nephew would turn One in two days time.. and I have yet found him a perfect present. Probably I could just grab any toy ... as long as it says suitable 12M++, but I wanted it to be what he really wanted. If only I could read his mind ...

You see, two weeks earlier was my daughter's birthday ... and until today, she was still pestering me to complete her birthday wish list just because she did not get all that she wanted. Well, not that Harith can speak .. but somehow I felt as if this is my chance of redemption...hmm but then again, probably not. No, no .. I wanted to find him a perfect present because ..... because I felt as though I am in some sort of reality game show "Who knows what Harith really want?"

So anyway, back to my search, there I was looking at this toddler 'activity' table which has few gadgets attached on top of it. There was a honk, a ball that can roll on a fixed track, some cubes and few others which I could not recall. Hmm this looked interesting, but most likely his grandma would have bought him that. Well you know, that would be the most sensible gift. Something that could develop his motor skills ... Gosh this is hard! Probably I just go and buy him a book instead; which I know for sure will never go wrong...

I was about to give up and leave when suddenly my eyes saw a glimpse of what seemed to be a lion toy stacked on a shelf far behind the rest. My heart was beating excitedly. I hope that was it! Gently I pulled the lion toy which was tied to a nice white packaging box. I read the description on the box .. " ... with animated musical sound" Aha! Finally ..this could be it.

Then came the day of judgement. The birthday party.

I made him a Tigger cake upon his Mum's request. .. and she was very happy with the outcome. I was glad that at least I have passed the first test... As usual there were lot of food and balloons ... the guest were mainly families so it was rather just like festival of Eids except no one was wearing our traditional dress and there were no 'ketupat' :p

And finally, after all settled ... the birthday song sang as the birthday boy blow his candle. The cake was cut and distributed; the guest was served ... and most of the serving plates were only less than a quarter filled.... it was time for the finale... The opening of Harith's birthday presents.

Harith sat at the center of living room, surrounded by boxes of presents.... His cousins were around him as well. All were excited to see what were in those beautifully wrapped boxes. They were like the obedient concierge handing the presents to him, helping him to unwrapped .. one by one; until the last box was handed to him. It was mine.

I looked with anticipation ... hope he likes it, hope he likes it .. saying it again and again as though I could send him a telepathy ... As he tore off the wrappers, the lion head appear ... and finally the whole lot of it. A Playskool yellow lion toy with an orange fur, fixed onto 4 rollers .. which enable him to roll it back and forth... and there! A music came out ... sounds like the Hawaii Five-O TV theme song .. which ends with a roar; ... and simultaneously, the fur was lighted! Wow .. I did not know it could do that! I remain focus looking onto Harith; studying his reaction ... and then I saw it! His eyes flicker and his hands wailing up and down in excitement ... kept on pushing the lion to and fro again; and still without fail ... shutter in surprise as the 'roar' and light came out.

'Owhhh .. He loves it .." I sigh in relief ... this by far no other, a priceless gift from him to me. A feeling of contentment and victory.... of finally finding a PERFECT birthday gift.

Jan 17, 2011

The tea party ..


"Yes dear ..." my eyes are still fixed with Kinsella's Shopoholic & Baby, reading the same part where Becky confronted Cruella de Vanetia in front of Luke for the third time today ...

"Maaa .." a helpless sigh came from her voice. I look up and saw her giving me that quizzical look again ...

"What's wrong dear ?" I noticed that the musical jewellery is already next her, and she is wearing the colourful necklace beads

"You said .. we are going to shop?"

"Oh yes .. definately!" I said trying to fake some excitement ... Hmm I am not looking forward to go out, I just wish I could stay home this weekend. It has been two weekends with birthdays, two weekends with lots of food .. and yes lots of cooking and baking.

The musical box is still ajar and inside is a little ballerina dancing to the music ... Like an enchanted box, mesmerizing her to it, until the music stops..

And as if something struck her mind .. she sprung up from the bed and said "Will you get me a tea party set for my birthday present?"

"Sofia .. Mak Tok has already gotten you a set as your birthday present remember?"

I remembered the finale of her birthday party last week .. the excitement of opening her birthday presents.

The musical box was one of it ....given by her Aunty Nina. And all the Barbie stuff .. the Sassy Doll given by her Uncle Kevin, the school bag & colours by Eja, the Barbie tumbler by Aunt Pauline, the stationery set & purse by her Aunty Tina and the smart looking activity Pooh Set by Hani. And on top of it, the day after, my mum took her shopping and gotten herself another gift!

Thats more than enough for a five old .. shouldn't it be? I look at her puzzled.

"Mama .. that is a cooking set not for tea party ... " she's whining again.

Gosh probably next year I should register her birthday gifts list instead !!!

Jan 16, 2011

The preparation

It's 2.34 am. I had just completed cleaning the kitchen. The Chicken curry & Sham's Sheppard pie filling have finally cooked.... I have been awake and slogging myself since Subuh; completing the party pack, ironing the kids outfit for tomorrow, completing the birthday cake & cupcakes... hmm my ankle hurts .. Gosh ..... and this is just for 5 year old birthday party.

Tomorrow there's another line of work to be done before the party starts at 4pm....Including picking the helium balloons at One Utama. My mind start to wonder how the place going to look like with the Silver & Pink balloons .. and I can see myself smiling ...

Oo dear, wish I could write more but I need to retire now .. and will continue to write about this later.

Good night or.. good morning rather:)