May 14, 2011

Scomi turns 8 - Part 1

I was in the midst composing an email to one of the Vendors when an instant group message appeared on bottom left of my computer screen.

"Yo! Are you going to the Scomi party?" wrote Nad

"I don't feel like going, my throat is still sore. Anything special?" Bernice responded.

Somehow I could feel that was not the actual reason. Bernice was still contemplating whether to accept the new job offer and I knew she was trying her best not to be be influenced by us.

"Alaaa please go, it would not be fun without you guys... Besides, I heard they gonna ask the big bosses to do something. And I believe you are going to enjoy it" Ella's words came rolling into the chat box.

And that's it, the last sentence magnetized us. I am always amazed at Ella, her words could melt even the coldest heart...

The room was only half full. This time we were early and there were still a lot of empty seats. Not long, MM stood up at the right corner of the stage, looking ahead to her left, straight to the door as though waiting for or probably giving a signal to someone .. I guess, she's the MC for the day.

The signal must shown her a green 'ON AIR' signs that following shortly, she started her welcoming note to all the residents of 17 to 19 th floor of 1 First Avenue to Scomi's 8th birthday party.

Her short speech was followed by a group of employees tapping their shoes to the beat of Queen - We will Rock You. And lining out from the door was all the Management team in their Friday casual wear walking onto the stage. The audience began to get excited.

The most sporting, and I guess whom have the best voice was given a microphone. Mr Dinesh took the lead to sing the song. The lyrics were modified to relate to the message of Scomi turning 8.

Some of the bosses were struggling to sing along to the tapping tone or rather squeezing their eyes to see the lyrics, except for WR and VK who as though were given 'leaked pop quiz questions" seemed very collected.... I felt there was something amiss. Aha .. no wonder! Those two smart Alex were only just miming the song! Hahahaha ... brilliant!

Dinesh however, was the savior. His voice was loud enough to represent all and he is, thank God, not tone deaf...

It was an impressive performance and they were given round of supportive cheers and a big clap.

As soon as the excited audience have calmed down, a slide presentation appeared ... and the traditional happy birthday song were sung together by everyone .... "Happy Birthday Scomi, Happy Birthday to you .." 8 of the bosses came down from the stage to the front table... to a row of cupcakes, and blow a candle each. Everyone was quite. Flickers of the candle, the soft gentle birthday tunes created a blissful ambiance, as though as watching the birth of a new born baby.

Suddenly my emotions was disturbed by a familiar voice. Next to me, Bernice whispered to Ella .. "Is that it?"

Ella turned into her panicking mode, quickly responded .."No ..No. I am sure there's more!"

Bernice gave her that look that I myself secretly prayed for Ella .. Please, please ..let 'that' not be it..

Lucky her. 'That' was only the beginning.

To be continued.