Jun 20, 2009

Glamourous Chic

19 June 2009.

The long awaited handbag class..
and of course a better looking make up set!

Lumpy & Pooh on a joy ride

18 June 2009.

Happy Birthday to you...

Happy Birthday to you..

Happy Birthday to Kak Aini ..

May Allah Bless you and keep you in good health. Aminn

Animal Planet

18 June 2009.

B - for Binoculors
C - for Crocodile
E - for Elephant
S - for Snake
Z - for Ziraffe

Can you make a word from these alphabets?

Girly Sweet

18 June 2009.

A red dinner bag paired with a red dinner shoes

On a strawberry cream on top of strawberry cupcakes

Thanks Haneem for the order! And thanks Jimmy for the suggestion, it does make my photos look different.. love it!

Jun 14, 2009

Wedding Mini Cakes

18th April 2009. Somehow or rather I've forgotten to update about this.

Most probably because I did not take any photos.. and when reached home; my butterfly broken into two and my flowers dropped. All because I did not keep them in an approriate container. Well if it's not because of this incident,
I would not have learnt my lesson would't it?

Photos compliment from Cake Connection -- now I have some photos to share.

This is my first class at Cake Connection. Without any basic -- decorating these mini cakes are definately challenging! The smaller it is the more difficult it is --- not the other way round, as I thought. Poor our teacher, Lynette had to be patient with all the amateurs like us!


13th June 2009.

I love this cake...
I love making it
I love the sweet tempting smell
I love modelling them into lil flowers

Elegant and delicious...
Simply marvelous!

I am happy that I took this class :)