Jul 13, 2009

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

12 July 2009. Yup, look familiar isn't? God sent a friend to save this Ninja Turtle. Dot, (pronounced like the arabic letter 'D'ot) was my room mate when I was single. She was also my husband's colleague and also most importantly who introduced me to him, my funny adorable (long haired, ninja look, thick eyebrow, clean face with a bit of moustache -- description of 10 years ago hehe) husband.

She sent me a note saying that she wanted to order TMNT cake. Coincidence? Nope, I don't think so -- she must have read my blog, and wanted to release me from the pain.

Yup this is my friend, a friend who one do not wanna loose, whom you know is a treasure beyond the normal hello-how-are-you friendship. After more than 5 years, she came and pay us visit. The short one hour was on continous chatting, trying to keep each other updated.

She and her husband are both entreperneur. She had her own fashion brand focusing on Moslem outfit, among of course her hampers and wedding items. Eventhough they claimed they are not successful yet (in their definitions maybe) but having to witness how they were 10 years ago, I am amazed by their achievement. A man who was a Training coordinator and lady who was a Secretary can now own a factory and a fashion lable. Hah! Who would guest that?

They inspired me to be a SOHO (now only I know what does it mean - thanks An!). And as advised -- I shall start by registering a company. This shall be my next quest.

A Party on 'China Hill'

11 July 2009. One of my MBA coursemates invited us to a BBQ party at his bungalow or shall I say his castle. The castle I think could easily house 200 people at a same time; his master bed room is as big as my apartment, has 5 storerooms and a basement parking. Waaaah...the first time I have ever been to a house that big...

He is very rich man, own a local business and also a branch in Abu Dhabi. But he is very humble; sat with us on the same small hard steel chair, small desk with his electronic English disctionary on the table. Yes, he sometimes had to translate some of the lectures but his effort and endurance drived us to complete the 24 months journey.

It was a long awaited gathering to celebrate that we had all completed the journey, even we had then not knowing whether all of us had passed or not. This is us --- finding reasons to celebrate, gather and eat, eat, eat even for a simplest reason. Completed MBA.

In the midst of enjoying the grilled lamb and delicious durians (o yes LOTs of them!!) and of course my buttercreame strawberry cake .. the host popped out a question to the Programme Manager "Is the results out yet? Anyone fail" .. All face turned to him in suspence, no more laughter -- and all waited in silence. "Yes" he said. Yes what? we ask, yes, the results are out or yes someone failed ...

Yes he said, the results should be out soon and no, he smiled -- none of us failed. Yeah!! We cheered but still none of us were that confident until we see the results...

How did I do? As suspence as everyone I can't wait to login to UEL and check my results!!

Penyu Peng 'You'

11 July 2009. Penyu Peng 'You' which means in Korean "Penyu Friends". My collegue who is the leader of Penyu Peng You is going to Trengganu today, to the turtles hatchery site.

Her team managed to collect quite a huge no of funds by selling Transformers ticket (double the price) -- fully sold out, and the whole theather were packed with Scomians. It was fun watching with friends and became like small family day outing for the company. Even the Group CEO joined us that day.

The MYR 11k collections are donated to the
they even manage to adopt a nest --
and this cake is celebrate their success.
Well Done Penyu Peng YOU -- you guys rock!!