Oct 3, 2009

It's not a cake. It's custard cream puff

2 October 2009.

I love cream puff. I piped a swirl but when its baked; the swirl has gone.

But most importantly the taste was nice .. as what my colleagues said! I actually stood in front of them watching their reaction as they put the puff into their mouth to see the genuine feedback. And yes .. I believe them. Haha a bit kiasu isn't it? Hmm probably because of the generous custard fillings.

This was served for a farewell party to one of our captains.

Bye, bye my Captain

As loud as the ship siren
the general call
bye,bye my captain
I believe you shall not fall
off you go to this land over the sea
as they are waiting for you to lead them to victory

As loud as the final siren
the general call in vain
bye,bye my captain
I wouldn't know if I'd ever see you again
but I shall not cry, nor I will weep
as this shall mark your success in a double leap

Bye,bye my captain ....

Sep 30, 2009

Smile! You are on candid camera!

30 September 2009

Last night I worked late. Alone ... It was about 8 plus when I heard the Azan.

Suddenly it became TOTAL silent – sedetik bunyi pun tak de..

And that’s when .. I heard a sound ‘’woosh” macam bunyi menghembus.

I said to myself “ Isy .. angin ke ni" Turned around to look at the window.

Then the sound came again … “woooosh” this time louder

Well then I had promised Finance to submit the report yesterday so terpaksa stay juga.

So what did I do?

I called my children and they have to talk to me one by one over the speaker phone over nearly 45min.

He he he … finally after so many years, ‘Angelina’ (the tall shadow found wandering at 10th floor) decided to pay me a visit.

Reached home about 9 plus and continued with the cake.

Sep 28, 2009


No pictures but complaint. To the administrator of this blogspot.com

I remembered when I agreed to add advertisement to the sidebars, I had ticked this. NO PORNOGRAPHY. And why do sometimes, I see this 'Ubat Kuat' translated in English as aphrodisiac is advertised here in my blog. Which one of my writings here implying as sexual innuendo? That has pulled this kind of advertisement.

Isy .. I am so so so don't like this at all. Someone advise me how to take that OFF my blog. Tak suka. Tak suka. Tak suka.

Smiley Cupcakes

28 September 2009

These are one of my favourite designs. Ha! Finally no copycat ok. The best are these two.

"I love you darling, muahhhh"
"Ah .. Ditto. 'Blush'"