Jul 3, 2009

Strawberry Shortcake

3 July 2009. Alin from legal email me via Facebook to order my strawberry cupcakes.

One thing good about Fb is that it links people. From their posting -- somehow or rather we would be able to understand a person. What does she like ... and what her personality is like.. that is if you are observant enough and care to understand.

So anyway back to her email on her orders - it did not took us long to conclude as when I mention Strawberry Shortcake-- it was then a straight away YES. Hehehe how did I guess??

Thanks to Fb ...'wink'

Pink Tulip

3 July 2009.

Happy Birthday Nazmin! This is the fastest and simplest cake I have ever done. Completed within 30 minutes .. yeay!!

We celebrated at a malay restaurant having nice simple traditional malay food. But in this simplicity we had fun -- not the food, not the place, but the company we were with...

Again happy birthday Min.

Emirates Pilot

2 July 2009.

Mom welcomes Sakeena home .. greeted by a pilot with a bouquet of flowers. I sent to her in the morning as Sakeena will be arriving to KLIA at about 2pm. This was planned to be a surprise for her.. no knowing there's another to come.

That day Keena's sister(Neesa) 's friend was diagnosed of having H1N1! Poor girl, Neesa was with the her friend visited another of their good friend who came back from Australia not knowing that that girl had been affected by H1N1.

So her mother took Neesa to a selected hospital and was told to be calm as she has no symptoms. Unfortunately that night ... the same day Keena arrived, Neesa had fallen ill.

They took her to the same hospital again, took some test and returned home. The result will only be ready in the next 24hours --- they were told. So on the 4th midnight, the hospital called saying it is positive and an ambulance will come to fetch her.

Thanks to Allah .. the ordeal only lasted for three days and by Tuesday 7th she was discharged. her family too is as healthy as before. What an experience!

Jun 28, 2009

Kebaya & Pearls

26 June 2009.

An acquaintance from Pos Malaysia ordered 30 chocolate cuppies for her colleague's 54th birthday. Hmm quite challenging as so far I've only made cuppies for kids.

After much taught .. I've made kebayas and some accessories, pearls, ribbons and small bag as deco.

So here it is .. quite a simple decorations actually. Hope she like it .. no feedback from the person who ordered the cake :(

ANA Muslim

27 June 2009.

ANA Muslim who are you?
She looked like an Anime cartoon with wide eyes and cute smile. Wearing a pink scarf and long glove. A popular personality for the young teens, published in a local magazines ..The pink tulip kebayas were made to compliment ANA .. "takpe kebaya ni tak ikut shape" as Angah said :)

This is a combination of the lessons I took from K Ina of Mycuppycupcake and Kak Naz from My pretty yummie cuppies. K Ina, your kebaya inspire me .. but of course can't do as beautiful as yours.. :) K Naz .. your bag lesson also taught me how to sew!

Thanks teachers and thanks Angah, for your order! Now I can proudy say my cakes have gone to Johor!