Jul 19, 2011

My Angry Bird @ WHI

No man is an island .. yup, that was what I said when the host asked me how did I manage my time as a mother of 4, a full time HR manager, did my MBA and now a cake decorator but still having the time to read and write my blog.. I could have not done all of that without the support and encouragement from my family and close friends.

Sometimes I wonder whether I had pushed myself too much but then I realize that we would not know our potentials until we push them to a limit. The only thing that we must remember is to set our priorities right. When workload is overwhelming, I restricted my cake orders. When there are few of both .. I relaxed and read.

But when there is an order, especially on a weak day, I had to sacrifice my sleep. My cake decorating work only starts when the kids had fallen asleep.. It's hard work I know, but the only thing that kept me motivated is my passion.

Love what we do ... and the reward will come on its own :)

Table Tennis - An Inspiration Note

To all the Green Team Member,

Yes .. another one bit the dust. The yellow team showed their true colours.

Akmal was ill and Hafidz had to fill in for him to pair with Jais in the men double match. Despite the last minute arrangement, the duo showed a great performance as though they had been practicing together for years. Their opponent, Syukur and Afiq struggled to keep up and at the end, they lost with a straight set.

And as for Zubaidi and Noor, who played against Nik and Eng Mei were obviously no match for the yellow amateurs. It was an easy game for the Mean Green pair and they won the two games within less than 30 minutes.

Our single male player, Kamalazudin, however, was not as lucky as the rest. He competed against Wignes, a young chap from GRTC, who is a very skillful player. Wigness outdo him in a straight set.

However, win or loose, all our players showed an outstanding performance! Not even a moment, that they showed any signs of giving up.

Yup, our cheering crowd may not be as rowdy as the Comreds nor stomping our feet as the Avatars, but our sportsmanship of giving additional time to Wigness to arrive and allowing Nik to replace Kenneth just before the mix double match, have made us a Winner just by doing that.

A pat on the shoulder of us all.

Today we will be facing the Avatar.. and together .. we will be crooning the immortalized lyrics of the Queen. "We are the Champion"