Dec 14, 2010

Orange & White Wedding Cupcakes

This cupcakes were requested by my husband's cousin for her second daughter's engagement day. Her first just had hers a few months back. And another niece is on the 25th.

Oh my gosh, all this wedding bells, hit me on how time flies. It feels like it was only last year that they were 17 and just completed their high school. And the first that came across my mind was that on how my life had changed since then .. on what I had achieved so far.

I had learned a new skill, discovered a new love into this cake decoration art. I learned the basics on baking and took Certificate of Patisserie at Choffles. I completed my MBA. But somehow or rather I still feel that there is something not accomplished... and most worrying is that I am not sure what is that. I am thinking to take my Doctorate or just stay focus on my cakes but then. .. hmm so many buts ...

There were once I read that says, being rich is not by having so much but by needing less; being happy is not counting what you don't have but by being thankful of what you have ..

Hmm so now where does that make me? Ungrateful or ambitious? Or just lost ...

White Orchids Wedding Cake

It's 5.01 am and I am wide awake. Its Saturday .. and am I not supposed to still enjoying my sleep?

Today's plan supposed to be straight forward. Go to the gym and comes home before everyone else wakes up (its Saturday :p), send my better half to work, have breakfast with kids and then dragged them to Aisyah's house to help her with her engagement souvenirs .. Should complete by noon, fetch him from work and go to the lunch gathering at Zam Zam Restaurant, Shah Alam .. Okay that was the plan, until last night when he said his mum wants to know if I am going with her to the Optician and get my son's eyes checked. Dang! I totally forgotten about that okay! Of course I have to go, and why did I left that out ...god knows. Sigh ..

And because of that minor 'distruption' -- Anxiety hits and ta daaaa.... I can't sleep. Hahaha funny isn't it? But that's me, whom my former boss used to say .. 'a woman who worries too much'. I am worried if I don't go with my mum-in-law, she'd think I a hopeless mum ... but if I don't go and help Aisyah ... I would not know how the whole engagement set looks like and how could I make her mini wedding cakes beautifully matching them ... and if I don't go to the lunch gathering I would miss the opportunity catching up with my old friends whom I have not met for years .. gosh, how could something so simple becomes so mind blowing???

I guess to solve this, I need to make some calls later .. and re-schedule, if I could defer some to Sunday ..

Okay .. that should be okay. InsyaAllah ... so for now, let me relax myself with Sophie Kinsella's while waiting for Subuh.