Feb 23, 2010

Teddy Bears

Can you see her?

When you asked her 'How are you?'
She said sincerely ..' I missed you ..'
hoping you'd say you miss her too
instead the reply was .. thank you ..

When you continue .. Are you okay?
She said yes of course, she had a splendid day
whereas .. no, her heart was sliced in pain
hoping you could see and stop the rain ...

And later she asked with a shield by her chest
'Do you like me dearly ... no less?'
And without hesitate .. you said 'Of course, yes I do'
But still ... there she was questioning if its true..

And when you finally asked .. 'Would you spend your life with me?
She froze... hesitate to even nodding to agree
When that was the dream she had every time she thought of thou and thee
As the shield was too strong until it would not allow you, to see who is she?