Aug 2, 2009

A Smell from Heaven

1 August 2009.

A friend ordered a set of cupcakes for her sister, welcoming the new born baby into the family. I like visiting new born babies .. they have this pleasant smell.. A smell from heaven, Mak used to say.

I myself , have a one year old baby, Ad Din, we call him and he still have that smell but with additional ingredient ... his sliver .. He is my only baby who still drools after 6 months old!
If my grandma is still alive she would say that
I must not have had the food I craved
when I was pregnant of him...
I am not so sure if its the case as whoever close to me
would know that, during pregnancy is the one time
where I was constantly eating!

Anyway, having a baby in the family is such a wonderful
time. You'd do anything .. I mean any stupid faces to make
him smile, and when he does,
it just makes your heart melt..

Peek A Boo!