Feb 2, 2011

Finding the PERFECT birthday gift

Linda had found her way to the Boys sections, at the front section of Toys R Us, fixated by this toy gun which flashes a neon light when she pulled the trigger. I looked at her with a tad of envy; hmm .. looks like she had found hers, whereas I was still here baffling with all the options.

Harith, my nephew would turn One in two days time.. and I have yet found him a perfect present. Probably I could just grab any toy ... as long as it says suitable 12M++, but I wanted it to be what he really wanted. If only I could read his mind ...

You see, two weeks earlier was my daughter's birthday ... and until today, she was still pestering me to complete her birthday wish list just because she did not get all that she wanted. Well, not that Harith can speak .. but somehow I felt as if this is my chance of redemption...hmm but then again, probably not. No, no .. I wanted to find him a perfect present because ..... because I felt as though I am in some sort of reality game show "Who knows what Harith really want?"

So anyway, back to my search, there I was looking at this toddler 'activity' table which has few gadgets attached on top of it. There was a honk, a ball that can roll on a fixed track, some cubes and few others which I could not recall. Hmm this looked interesting, but most likely his grandma would have bought him that. Well you know, that would be the most sensible gift. Something that could develop his motor skills ... Gosh this is hard! Probably I just go and buy him a book instead; which I know for sure will never go wrong...

I was about to give up and leave when suddenly my eyes saw a glimpse of what seemed to be a lion toy stacked on a shelf far behind the rest. My heart was beating excitedly. I hope that was it! Gently I pulled the lion toy which was tied to a nice white packaging box. I read the description on the box .. " ... with animated musical sound" Aha! Finally ..this could be it.

Then came the day of judgement. The birthday party.

I made him a Tigger cake upon his Mum's request. .. and she was very happy with the outcome. I was glad that at least I have passed the first test... As usual there were lot of food and balloons ... the guest were mainly families so it was rather just like festival of Eids except no one was wearing our traditional dress and there were no 'ketupat' :p

And finally, after all settled ... the birthday song sang as the birthday boy blow his candle. The cake was cut and distributed; the guest was served ... and most of the serving plates were only less than a quarter filled.... it was time for the finale... The opening of Harith's birthday presents.

Harith sat at the center of living room, surrounded by boxes of presents.... His cousins were around him as well. All were excited to see what were in those beautifully wrapped boxes. They were like the obedient concierge handing the presents to him, helping him to unwrapped .. one by one; until the last box was handed to him. It was mine.

I looked with anticipation ... hope he likes it, hope he likes it .. saying it again and again as though I could send him a telepathy ... As he tore off the wrappers, the lion head appear ... and finally the whole lot of it. A Playskool yellow lion toy with an orange fur, fixed onto 4 rollers .. which enable him to roll it back and forth... and there! A music came out ... sounds like the Hawaii Five-O TV theme song .. which ends with a roar; ... and simultaneously, the fur was lighted! Wow .. I did not know it could do that! I remain focus looking onto Harith; studying his reaction ... and then I saw it! His eyes flicker and his hands wailing up and down in excitement ... kept on pushing the lion to and fro again; and still without fail ... shutter in surprise as the 'roar' and light came out.

'Owhhh .. He loves it .." I sigh in relief ... this by far no other, a priceless gift from him to me. A feeling of contentment and victory.... of finally finding a PERFECT birthday gift.