Jul 21, 2009

Syukrie's Transformer Cake

21 July 2009.

Dear Syukrie,

Happy Birthday son. You are today, 9 years old.....

Anyway, no presents for you boy... You need to improve on your examinations results and we'll see if you can have a 'deferred' present year end.

I know you can do it. You did very well in your tuition quizes, and you read a lot. But.... one thing, that has yet to improve. Again and again the same thing that I nagged you about, the same thing that your teachers, your ustaz commented about you. You are taking too much time doing things -- finishing your school work, your exams ...

I gave you a watch but it's broken. I gave you an alarm clock but I end up having to remind you still ...Time waits for no man Syukrie.

Hmm there must be a way that'd make you change. One of them, is that You are willing to change and 'transform' ..

I believe you can Syukrie. I believe you can.


PS: Enjoy your Transformers cake and cuppies with your Kafa friends :)

Jul 20, 2009

Wiz's Carnations

18 July 2009. I called this cuppies Wiz's Carnations as they were designed by my latest Guru, Wiz.
O dear... It's 1.35pm now, got to go back to work ... will continue later.. see ya!


20 July 2009. Nita ordered these cuppies for her Mak. While making these cuppies, I can't help remembering my own Mak.

When I was a child, Mak would bake special cakes for me and my brother on our birthdays. She did not go to any class, as she can't afford to, but yet she was able to make such beautiful cakes. I remember there were once when she made a Humpty Dumpty out of egg's shells. And she would knit a dress for me specially for my birthday...

Those were the days when money came in scarse but yet we were able to celebrate birthdays in our own small way. I love you Mak :)

Anyway, Nita, send my regards to your Mak. Happy Birthday Aunty! May you have a happy and healthy life ahead :)