Dec 19, 2009


Life is what you make out of it.

You could choose either to continue living as how you did 20/10 years ago and thinking what might have been if ....

Yes, if. One syllable word that would make you stop, halt and think, leaving you on a crossroad.

A crossroad between the safest way or the road of desire chasing your dreams.

A crossroad between the happiness of your children at present or painful steps but will lead to a better future.

These, from a woman who thinks too much would stopped her chasing her dreams. Until she realize that ... life is what you make out of it.

Dec 17, 2009

Santa is coming to town

This is my cupcakes after being 'on-leave' for nearly 1.5 months.

I like my Santa but I think I should have the moustache much thicker

This reminds me of a joke told by my 9 year old son:

Mama, tell me Mama. What goes Oh Oh Oh?

Hmm -- Gosh I don't know Syuk? What is it?

It's Santa moving backwards ...


Selamat Menyambut Maal Hijrah :)

Dec 14, 2009



Its been quite some time since I last baked (and wrote) :)

Now I am back, feeling excited and inspired with new ideas... Nothing is more refreshing than a good holiday ..

As you would have read (or seeing my pictures ehem ..hehe) I went for my graduation in London, and took a slight detour to Paris.

Paris -- a place where I told my friend 'the place where you find peace, where it took all your worries away and as if you have reached the end of a rainbow'.

It's so beautiful, the people are all laid back -- no rush, and you can take your time going from one place to another. Their architecture represents their history and I was amazed of how they have had kept them in good condition after all these years.

Anyway not all are pretty. On our first day, my friend was picked-pocket by a group of young sweet teenage girls. It was so fast! They could even zipped the bag back as if they had never opened it!

She lost 200 Euros + 200 Pounds + 200 MYR -- gosh! Luckily she did not kept all her money at one place. That was the ugly part. But it also witness a true friendship.

One of our classmates had generously extended some cash (on loan) to my friend. Friends like him are hard to find ~ and it all started with MBA - International Business Cohort 10A.

The rest of the stories will be continued later, probably at the pictures I posted below.

Until then, bye.