Nov 18, 2009

Beautiful Paris

In this beautiful city of Paris

When love could come in a breeze

Wherever I see, men, women lovingly in two

And woke me up from my dream where nothing is true ....

It was a 7am on Saturday morning and there were less traffic on the streets. After long hours on the plane (don't ask me how long, I am still confuse on the time conversion), we have finally reached Paris. A place where I only dreamt of setting my foot onto, much to the overwhelming fact that I was about to be there for 4 days.
As excited as I was 18, on my first day in college, the same feeling appeared again... I was tired, but my mind refuse to rest. I looked out from the window, feeling amazed on everything I saw.
The french taxi driver drove us from the Charles Gaule Airport into the highway. It was Autumn, and the leaves had fallen down leaving some on the branches, with faded yellowish green. I looked in awe ... even the willows look so great to me.
We passed by few hotels and some small towns and later into a street where we saw something like a car boot sale.
Interesting! Quickly in desparation I spoke to my friends, 'Hey we must come here!'.
'Yeah' Mary said in agreement.
I took out the small translation book from my bag, "Poo vay voo mur lur mon tray sewer set cart" (Can you show me where is this onthis map?) Tried very hard to sound French .. but to my disappointment, the driver laughed out loud. OMG... I must pronounce it wrong and meant something else... Goshh okay I gave up, feeling embarrased.
Suddenly Mary exclaimed from her seat sound something like "que cela" meaning What This? With a sign language showing the street.
A.. Paaa something something. Trust me remembering words you're not familiar is such a chore!
Then finally we reached a street called Rue La Fayatte, to the hotel where we stayed.
IBIS hotel, that's the name. The rooms are all with en-suite, too comfortable for a budget traveller like us.
EURO 99 per room that is .... hmm okay my subconsious calculator automatically translate that as RM500. Wow ... looks like its not so 'budget' at all.
Well our Big Boss classmate paid for it in advance of course, with a big relief to us then .. (but not so ...when we were back hehe)

Vegetarian Pizza at Gare Du Nord