Jun 13, 2009

Ibet's Mini Makeup Set

12th June 2009. Bip. Bip. "Ibet dapat masuk matrix di P.Pinang" Mak sms me. "Alhamdullillah" We were so afraid that her father's death last year would effected her and she proved herself that we had underestimated her.

It was 2 months before SPM 2008. Pak Cik Ali suddenly had a stomach ache. He fell sick and it gotten worst each day until he could not eat. He was very weak that he could not even carry himself. My aunt called ambulance and took him to the public hospital. The Dr did some medical test .. and guess what the Dr discharged him the following day claiming that he was only suffering from minor gastristis.

My aunt cried and begged the Dr to treat her husband; as she strongly feels that there must be something wrong with her husband. Yet the Dr only prescibed some medication and sent them off.

That night, my uncle groaned in pain ... and not long, he took his last breath.

It was a surprise to all of us -- his lost was so sudden, so fast that we could not even said our goodbyes. Abah had just recovered from his surgery -- So me and my brother drove them back to Perak.

We reached there just an hour before they performed the funeral. My aunt looked so lost. She only uttered a sentence to me ... a sentence that will always ring in my ears each time I see her. "Ja, Mak Cik orang susah .. pasal tu agaknya hospital tak nak terima. Kalau kami ada duit boleh hantar Pak Cik gi private hospital ... tak macam ni kan?" I was trying my very best not cry in front of her ... Please, please ... (I said to myself) at that very second be strong for my Aunt.

I believe that statement will not only ring in my ears but also to those who heard it ... Ibet, presevere ... be strong and stay focus; only a good education can change your future.

Kak Ija baked this for you ... mould the mini make up kit until nearly dawn. I am proud of you. Remember Dik, this is just the beginning of a new life ... Insyaallah.

Jun 10, 2009

Stress and Strawberries

9th June 2009. It was already 9pm. I received an sms from my Boss that she will be away on medical for 2 weeks. Yaiks!! Why is this happening now? .. Well, itulah dia ... manusia hanya merancang Tuhan menentukan..

My luck seems to turn around 360 degree in less than a week ... Bip.bip. Another message came in.

" What happen today? There was commotion about the bonus payout.." Apparently, someone lodge a complaint to the management who as usual did not further investigate before bashing into our Head's office..

O gosh!!! This is really upsetting .. and I have to face the music alone, without my Boss this week.
It was already 10.30pm when I finished confiding to my boss of what happen at work today. Tried to rest, tried to console myself .... but .. I just can't sleep.

So I woke up, looked at some recipes -- and decided to try this new Strawberry Cake recipe. My hubby came by.. "Dear? Its 11pm... You have an order tomorrow?" .. Nope I said -- this is my stress theraphy. Baked 25 cupcakes and mould a rabbit (initially) ... and slept at 2am.

Woke up early in morning and cream the cakes. Hmm this time the rabbit does not look nice at all. So I plucked her head off and mould a bear head instead. .. No time to change everything! Got to rush to work and brought some for colleagues to taste the new recipe.

And yup ... they liked it! Hmm probably it's time I'm seriously considering opening a cake house.

A Tiramisu to Celebrate

7th June 2009. Today I invited Mak, Abah, my brother and his family to have lunch with us. Mak made my favourite Crab in Coconut Milk, we stimmed some fish, made some vege... Simple lunch. Then the dessert ... my 1st attempt making a Tiramisu.

Tried to add the caramel and fried peanuts as decoration but the caramel harden so fast that it became something like 'kacang bipang!!' instead. Aduss it was so hard that I can't decorate it well. Hmm probably by adding some choc cream can help to 'cover' the unsightly deco.. hmmm didn't work that well either. Must, must try this again.

Hmm bila boleh makan kek ni?? My brother said .. Alamak kesian la pulak . Okay okay let snap a picture before we 'demolish' this fugly cake..


5th June 2009. Today is the deadline for my MBA dissertation submission. And at 12 pm I was still typing my Chapter 5! Gosh .. unbelievable, the magic of stress, words comes smoothly as if I have memorized the whole chapter.

Sharp 1.30pm Adeline from WIM-UEL called, she said I was the only one who has not submitted. OMG!!! This is definitely not helping ... my heart was beating fast as if I was chased by a dinasour!

Okay, I took a deep breath ... "Subhanallah 10x " ranting softly.. Now the final touch, this year, UEL added a new requirement -- all thesis / dissertation need to be attached with a Reflective Summary, some sort of diary or challenges I faced in completing this research.

Woookay ... now typying, thinking, as fast as I could (hmm need to add some 'fiction' here)... and on the dot at 3.30pm, I have completed everything. Altogether 12,000 words ...Alhamdullillah .... Ran to print and bind.. And finally reach WIM-UEL at 4.30pm --just half an hour before they close. Huh .. this is really, really last minute work!!

And yes!!!! Habis dahhhh ....Merdeka!!! This requires some celebration!