Jun 24, 2009

Boss's Birthday

24 June 2009.

Abang Aziz birthday today.
This is the first time HR will be celebrating with him; and the last.
Happy Birthday Abang Aziz, may you wish is fullfilled by year end. Insyaallah.

I need to add this to this post. A story cited by him to me a few days before his last day with the company.

Once upon a time, there were a team of behavioral scientist who kept a grasshopper in a jar. The jar was tightly closed leaving small holes on the lid to allow for some air. The first few weeks, the grasshopper kept on jumping; trying to jump out from the jar. Of course each time it'll hit the lid. Then after a few weeks, the grasshopper stop jumping. Then the scientist open the lid; wanted to free the grasshopper. But the grasshopper still refuse to jump and stayed in the jar.

So the morale of the story, each one of us are like the grasshopper. Everyone of us can jumped up as high as we could, but each when we fell, we suffered pain. But, the pain should not have stopped us from realizing our potentials -- as long as we still believe that we have them. Don't be like the grasshopper who forgotten that he is able to jump high.