Dec 27, 2009

Chapter Two

He gave her a sharp look, wondering who this girl was standing in front of him, smiling and holding a white A4 sized envelope. She was quite young and could not be more than 25 years old.

“Yes?” He repeated himself, louder.

The change of tone must have startled her, that she pulled herself together to finally say something to him.

“Hi! I am Mia, the HR Executive of this company. Welcome on board Mr. Burton!” She said it in one breath, as if she was reading it from a scripted dialog repeated over and over again.

Like a junior cadet to her sergeant, she quickly extended her hands, straight towards him.

Politely, he stood up and took her hands. He could feel that there was a slight shiver and it was cold. “O Gosh, I must have scared her”, and suddenly he felt like a big bully and pitied her.

“Why don’t you sit down, Mia? “ He walked behind her and pulled a chair

“Oh. Thank you.” Her eyes twinkle and she looked at him like he had just given her a 12 months bonus.

“Hmm, ok the reason I am here is to pass you your contract” And she slided the white envelope nearer to him. “Here you go, please verify and see if everything is in order”

Henry took the envelope and tore off the cellophane tape that sealed the envelope together, pulled out a stapled 5 pages of contract.

“Hmm.” He sighed, showing a slight disappointment as he read the first few lines of the contract.

“Anything wrong Sir?”

“Yes. There is.” He held the tip of his glasses, pushed it back so it stayed comfortably on his nose.

“My name is wrongly spelled. It’s Henry Alexander Burton as in B.U.R.T.O.N”.

“Hang on! Are you saying that I had typed your name wrongly? It couldn’t be! I always re-checked my work and Mr. Zachary will not sign if it’s wrong” She was flustered and defensive, which irritated him the more.

“Look, Mia” He spoke in an authoritative voice. “Sorry to disappoint you, but I think I would know how my name is spelled”

“O .. ok. Sorry. Err sure I’ll amend it and return to you later” She quickly took the document and the envelope back.

She frowned and studied the contract in front of him. ‘Er .. and anything else Sir?”

He was surprised to see that she was still sitting there, submitting herself to more damaging agitated remarks, but at the same time he was impressed by her courage to be able to do that.

“No. That’s all”

“Oh. Ok then. I’ll come back to you shortly” And she gave him a weak apologetic smile.

He nodded and took back to the earlier documents that he was reading.

Mia walked out quickly from the room. She wished she could just run, in fact she felt she wanted to run away the moment he said he found an error.

“That was so damn embarrassing. Gosh! And what a miserable first impression I have made on myself!”

Firstly, she was at awe when she saw him leaving her speechless in front of him for a few second, and secondly, if that were not enough, she blurted out a very stupid argument, on how his name should be spelled? She was puzzled and wondering what has gotten into her.

She sat at her desk, looking at the document, thinking how she could make it up to him.

Dec 25, 2009

Past & Present

What she saw at the reception took her down to her memory lane 12 years ago. His face looked familiar until he grinned. "Oh.My.God!" She remembered him instantly and returned that grin with a faint smile forced between her lips.

'Hi Myara' A nicknamed she has not heard for such a long time. He extended his hand, still smiling.

'Hi Raz' she said, while she took his hands weakly into hers. 'What are you doing here?'

'Oh just some business with Mr X. So, how are you now?' He looked at her studying every inch of her body from top to bottom.

That look made her unconfortable. She felt as if she was going through an x-ray machine and being undressed piece by piece.

'Good. Married with 4 kids' Pretended that she was not affected by that deep, inquistive gaze. 'You?'

'Yeah. Me too. I mean married, but no kids yet. 4 kids? Wow! Never thought you would settled down.. finally. Anyway, this is my card'

He passed her a white business card printed on a not-so-good-quality paper, while she exchanged it with hers.

'Keep in touch!' He passed a quick remark before walking towards Mr. X. His meeting would be starting soon, she guessed.

It was not so long after that before she received a text messaging from an unfamiliar mobile number.

'Hi Myara. Glad I finally found you! Would you accompany me for a cup coffee later after work for old time sake?' Raz.

Myara's heartbeat stopped for a second. It took her quite some time before she managed to type the words:

'Hi. Yes. A surprise indeed, but no thank you. What happened in the past belongs then. I do not wish to bring it back. Let it be, Raz.The past is the past. I have a peacefull life at present and do not wish to create unnecessary chaos'

Suddenly the pain that she had buried back to her mind came flashing in... but this time, she felt ultimate satisfaction as she press ' send' ... revenge is sweet, at times, and she smiled.

Dec 23, 2009

Chapter One - The Beginning

It was a quiet Monday morning.

No one was at the office yet. Mia had just switched on the air-conditioning. The smell of the stale carpet fills in the air. It would take some time before the air-conditioner pumped in some fresh air and cools down this 20 year-old building.

Suddenly out of the silence, sounds of footsteps rumbling from the front door towards her cubicle. A 5’4” slim tall lady wearing a grey collared shirt and a pair of black pants rushing with an emergency- red- alert face searching for her good friend.

“Mia!” She stopped. She was panting, trying to catch her breath.

“Hey, cool down my friend. What happen?”

“Have you met him?”

“Who? ”

“The new Head of Sales. Oh. My. God! He has this look that could make you fall on your knees okay!”

“Every guy in this company would be able to do THAT to you Anna.” I smiled at her, a single 34 year old System Engineer.

She pulled down her shirt with a defensive look and about to justify her statement.“Huh! You shall wait till you see him! You know he is ..”

Suddenly she stopped.

An elderly bald man stepped in.“Err .. Morning Mr. Zachary ” Anna said sheepishly and quickly pacing her way out.

“Morning girls, Mia, have you greeted our Head of Sales, Henry Burton? He is waiting for his contract.”

“O yaa, ya, yes... err I am about to see him.”

“Hmm….” There was a sound of unpleasantness in his voice. He walked into his room and quietly unpacked his document bag.

"Oh dear. Another management level staff has joined in, hopefully not another big headed guy".

Curiosity was mounting up. “Is this Henry as dropped-dead-gorgeous as Anna claimed to be?”Anxiously, she paced her steps towards his room, with his contract in her hand. With the blinds wide opened, the morning sun glares into the room, giving it a sense of life. Yes, after so long this room was finally occupied.

A well-built, broad shoulder man, smartly dressed in a white shirt and blue silk tie, was sitting at his desk wearing a pair of glasses reading a document. The sunlight glare did seemed to distract him, he looked intensed. That must be him!

“Morning, Mr. Burton” she said.

He looked up at her. “Yes?” His front dark hair sweeps slightly across his face.

At that very moment, her heart beat stopped, and blood rushed up to her head. She was numb and for awhile she felt as if she was charmed by a magical spell. Behind those glasses was a pair of charming, glittering eyes.

“God! Anna was right! He was so absolutely breathtakingly stunning!”

And Mia found her soul floating on the thin air as the story of her fairy tale began.

Dear Readers,
This is an introduction of a book, if you like it please vote yes.

Dec 20, 2009

Life is a Fairy Tale

Life is not a fairy-tale, some does say.

But to some, fairy tale does happen. A girl meets a boy, who captured her heart in his special ways.

Who creates an orchestra of joyful songs in her mind everytime she sees a glimpse of him, who without fail giving her goosebumps just by being there.

And the same goes to the boy, who in return makes all the effort to show that he is worthy of her love.

And with that -- they finaly found their soul-mate, for life, until death do them part ... (for some ..)

But to the rest of the human kind, it took nearly a life-time to find their fairy-tale, and in that search, loneliness occupied their heart. And in the desparation to fill in the emptiness, one began to compromise, without them realizing, that they were lying to themselves.

Many had fallen into this trap, but there are still survivors, persistant in finding the ONE.

To my friends E & L, don't put up the white flag yet. They are out there somewhere ...

Dec 19, 2009


Life is what you make out of it.

You could choose either to continue living as how you did 20/10 years ago and thinking what might have been if ....

Yes, if. One syllable word that would make you stop, halt and think, leaving you on a crossroad.

A crossroad between the safest way or the road of desire chasing your dreams.

A crossroad between the happiness of your children at present or painful steps but will lead to a better future.

These, from a woman who thinks too much would stopped her chasing her dreams. Until she realize that ... life is what you make out of it.

Dec 17, 2009

Santa is coming to town

This is my cupcakes after being 'on-leave' for nearly 1.5 months.

I like my Santa but I think I should have the moustache much thicker

This reminds me of a joke told by my 9 year old son:

Mama, tell me Mama. What goes Oh Oh Oh?

Hmm -- Gosh I don't know Syuk? What is it?

It's Santa moving backwards ...


Selamat Menyambut Maal Hijrah :)

Dec 14, 2009



Its been quite some time since I last baked (and wrote) :)

Now I am back, feeling excited and inspired with new ideas... Nothing is more refreshing than a good holiday ..

As you would have read (or seeing my pictures ehem ..hehe) I went for my graduation in London, and took a slight detour to Paris.

Paris -- a place where I told my friend 'the place where you find peace, where it took all your worries away and as if you have reached the end of a rainbow'.

It's so beautiful, the people are all laid back -- no rush, and you can take your time going from one place to another. Their architecture represents their history and I was amazed of how they have had kept them in good condition after all these years.

Anyway not all are pretty. On our first day, my friend was picked-pocket by a group of young sweet teenage girls. It was so fast! They could even zipped the bag back as if they had never opened it!

She lost 200 Euros + 200 Pounds + 200 MYR -- gosh! Luckily she did not kept all her money at one place. That was the ugly part. But it also witness a true friendship.

One of our classmates had generously extended some cash (on loan) to my friend. Friends like him are hard to find ~ and it all started with MBA - International Business Cohort 10A.

The rest of the stories will be continued later, probably at the pictures I posted below.

Until then, bye.

Nov 18, 2009

Beautiful Paris

In this beautiful city of Paris

When love could come in a breeze

Wherever I see, men, women lovingly in two

And woke me up from my dream where nothing is true ....

It was a 7am on Saturday morning and there were less traffic on the streets. After long hours on the plane (don't ask me how long, I am still confuse on the time conversion), we have finally reached Paris. A place where I only dreamt of setting my foot onto, much to the overwhelming fact that I was about to be there for 4 days.
As excited as I was 18, on my first day in college, the same feeling appeared again... I was tired, but my mind refuse to rest. I looked out from the window, feeling amazed on everything I saw.
The french taxi driver drove us from the Charles Gaule Airport into the highway. It was Autumn, and the leaves had fallen down leaving some on the branches, with faded yellowish green. I looked in awe ... even the willows look so great to me.
We passed by few hotels and some small towns and later into a street where we saw something like a car boot sale.
Interesting! Quickly in desparation I spoke to my friends, 'Hey we must come here!'.
'Yeah' Mary said in agreement.
I took out the small translation book from my bag, "Poo vay voo mur lur mon tray sewer set cart" (Can you show me where is this onthis map?) Tried very hard to sound French .. but to my disappointment, the driver laughed out loud. OMG... I must pronounce it wrong and meant something else... Goshh okay I gave up, feeling embarrased.
Suddenly Mary exclaimed from her seat sound something like "que cela" meaning What This? With a sign language showing the street.
A.. Paaa something something. Trust me remembering words you're not familiar is such a chore!
Then finally we reached a street called Rue La Fayatte, to the hotel where we stayed.
IBIS hotel, that's the name. The rooms are all with en-suite, too comfortable for a budget traveller like us.
EURO 99 per room that is .... hmm okay my subconsious calculator automatically translate that as RM500. Wow ... looks like its not so 'budget' at all.
Well our Big Boss classmate paid for it in advance of course, with a big relief to us then .. (but not so ...when we were back hehe)

Vegetarian Pizza at Gare Du Nord

Nov 2, 2009


To all my customers and readers, I wish to inform that I will be away from my dearie oven from this Friday, 6th November 2009 until middle of December 2009, as I will be travelling during that period.

Thank you for your support, my oven will be 'back to work' in mid December 2009.

Nov 1, 2009

Bye Mak Abah ..


I saw them packed
and the roses nod, the leaves flap
as the sky turns dark, pouring rain
as if we would never see them again

I saw them packed
and I whisper " tu vas me manquér”
as they turned their back
hoping they can’t hear
as I have to be strong for him and her

I saw them packed
and the room is now half empty
leaving only memories
of sweet, bitter agony

I saw them packed
and my heart had a piercing pain
until I was able to grasp my breath again
just to bid …… Adieu, Farewell, Bye, Dada
to my dear Mak and Abah

"Selamat Menunaikan Haji ..Mak Abah, Maafkan segala dosa Ja dari lahir hingga sekarang.."


I dedicate this to my blogger friend, MHB @ My Monologue. As always, her post touched my heart. Today I shall not cry, but I wrote her a poem instead.

Thinking of You

Thinking of you, not seeing you

has stayed the path of my silent days
of tortured heart and troubled air
I have but memories that stays
far too few in my mind, somewhere

If I cannot hear your voice, nor see your smile

upon my ears that I may rejoice, upon my eyes within a mile
I can at least hold memories
of thinking of you, missing you …not seeing you
for all of my remaining days
without you….

Oct 14, 2009

Power Puff Girls

12 October 2009

I wonder

I wonder what is she waiting for..
Her knight to come in a shinning armour?
Yearning j'aime mon amie
Begging her on his knee
as the blood rushed to her face ..we can see

But was that what she waiting for?
Or just a sincere meaningful mi amore
To greet her in the morning as if its his duty
Kisses her by the bedside, as he is off to the sea
Fishing and scouting for food to feed the family?

Hmm I still wonder
as until now there is still no answer..

Oct 12, 2009

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to Her

It’s October, and the day is here

A year older for her, and hope a year wiser

And nothing more than she pray

For a beginning of a new day

That everything would be a smooth sailing

And all will adhere and nod without saying

and she could hear the birds singing once again

to the beautiful rainbow after a monsoon rain

Oct 9, 2009

I'm yours tonite

9 October 2009.

I'm yours tonight

As the sun sets after the evening rain
And the birds began to hide
I whisper your name, again and again
saying.. Darling, I am yours tonight

As the clouds move away, leaving the sky dark blue
And the stars twinkle, under the bright moonlight
And since early of the day, I'm here waiting... passionately for you
saying, .. Darling, I am yours tonight

As silence washed the streets, as everyone sounds asleep
and the dogs howl, cheering the moon of the night
I heard the car brakes, and the door bell beep
and you saying, ... Darling, you are mine tonight

Oct 5, 2009

Food of Love. Again .. this is not a cake :)

5th October 2009

True Love

How would you know
that his love is true
when you came home crying, till your face turns blue
He stared at you and said .. So? What can I do?

How would you know
that his love is true
when you're too tired but the baby was crying
only thing you heard ... ' Quiet!' He screamed to the top of the ceiling

How would you know
that his love is true
when he mumbles something that sounds like 'I love you'
but his action says ... 'I love myself more than you..'

How would you know
that his love is true
when you tried to be the best poet
and all he did was kept quite

Yes, you would not know
until true love finds you ...

Happy Family

5th October 2009.

Oct 4, 2009

A Princess Cake for a Lil' Princess..

3 October 2009.

Me Princess

Mummy, mummy
Today .. 'me' princess
And there she was, trying to look for a dress
Taking out her all clothes, leaving the floor in a mess
It's okay, I said. I'll clean it up for you .. my Lil' princess

Mummy, mummy
Today ... 'me' princess, right?
And there she was, standing next to her bike
wearing my heels saying, Yes! This I like!
It's okay, I said. I'll get a new one, if, I can find something alike

Mummy, mummy
Today .. 'me' good ....princess
It's okay, Mummy..
and she kept everything back to their place :)

Oct 3, 2009

It's not a cake. It's custard cream puff

2 October 2009.

I love cream puff. I piped a swirl but when its baked; the swirl has gone.

But most importantly the taste was nice .. as what my colleagues said! I actually stood in front of them watching their reaction as they put the puff into their mouth to see the genuine feedback. And yes .. I believe them. Haha a bit kiasu isn't it? Hmm probably because of the generous custard fillings.

This was served for a farewell party to one of our captains.

Bye, bye my Captain

As loud as the ship siren
the general call
bye,bye my captain
I believe you shall not fall
off you go to this land over the sea
as they are waiting for you to lead them to victory

As loud as the final siren
the general call in vain
bye,bye my captain
I wouldn't know if I'd ever see you again
but I shall not cry, nor I will weep
as this shall mark your success in a double leap

Bye,bye my captain ....

Sep 30, 2009

Smile! You are on candid camera!

30 September 2009

Last night I worked late. Alone ... It was about 8 plus when I heard the Azan.

Suddenly it became TOTAL silent – sedetik bunyi pun tak de..

And that’s when .. I heard a sound ‘’woosh” macam bunyi menghembus.

I said to myself “ Isy .. angin ke ni" Turned around to look at the window.

Then the sound came again … “woooosh” this time louder

Well then I had promised Finance to submit the report yesterday so terpaksa stay juga.

So what did I do?

I called my children and they have to talk to me one by one over the speaker phone over nearly 45min.

He he he … finally after so many years, ‘Angelina’ (the tall shadow found wandering at 10th floor) decided to pay me a visit.

Reached home about 9 plus and continued with the cake.

Sep 28, 2009


No pictures but complaint. To the administrator of this

I remembered when I agreed to add advertisement to the sidebars, I had ticked this. NO PORNOGRAPHY. And why do sometimes, I see this 'Ubat Kuat' translated in English as aphrodisiac is advertised here in my blog. Which one of my writings here implying as sexual innuendo? That has pulled this kind of advertisement.

Isy .. I am so so so don't like this at all. Someone advise me how to take that OFF my blog. Tak suka. Tak suka. Tak suka.

Smiley Cupcakes

28 September 2009

These are one of my favourite designs. Ha! Finally no copycat ok. The best are these two.

"I love you darling, muahhhh"
"Ah .. Ditto. 'Blush'"

Sep 24, 2009

Shirt & Tie

23 September 2009.

This picture was taken before a last minute 'alteration' was made. I changed the pen to a handkerchief instead but did not had the time to snap a new photo.

Why the change? If you notice the pen looked a bit cacat -- like kontot like that kan? Hmm so not classy at all. So there it was -- a handkerchief as better alternative.

This was also ordered by the same bride-to-be (if you notice the colour scheme are the same).

Anyway, I need to continue my babbling on weddings and marriages. There is this blog that I followed (written by the other 'species') that talked about women, nope wives to be exact who complaints a lot about their husbands .. Of course his writing/opinion would be bias.

So to make it even, allow me to write from the opposite point of view. A wife who volunteered to help to ease their husband's burden who ends up having to pay 100% of the household expenses. Until one fine day, when they finally realize that their 'help' has been upgraded to be their responsibility.

Someone wise once told me that a happy couple would have an equal balance of responsibilities when one would not question the other half's 'lack of contribution'. Example, when the wife was back from work, the wife cooked and served the food, the husband would do the dishes or vice versa -- definitely not this. When the wife was back from work, while the partner was in front of TV, the wife cooked and served the food, the husband would enjoy the meal, and leave the plate on the table. Hmm familiar? And the wife would voiced out her frustration, computed the other half as ... nagging/complaints.

So my fellow blogger, whom I know would be reading this soon. Yes, you were right. Men are the higher species who leads and women are made from their ribs who supports ... but then again, not all men able to lead, and not all women able to support without being led.

It takes two person to marry. Not just one.

Green Cupcakes

23 September 2009.

This is a set of 16 cupcakes ordered by a sweet petite lady for her engagement day.

And on the four top -- written as "Ira Loves Epi" Ahh .. so sweet. How a girl declares her love as how he would declares his, in his own way.

As I was surfing, I found this website, created by our ex intern. A very helpful, matured young man, who was majoring in IT. The website was about his wedding preparation and until the day he was wedded to his dream girl.

I found it very romantic and witness (reading actually) how a man loves his woman. How he waited for her for three years after being rejected and left without a word. How he struggle to gain her trust. How he manage to convince her that age was not a boundary. If he were my brother, he would have made me proud. A very, very rare species indeed ...

Sep 17, 2009

Wonder Pets

17 September 2009.

Apa yang penting kerjasama
Kami tak besar, kami tak kuat
bila kerjasama
semua jadi mudah ..

I like this theme song! It reminded me when I was at 10th Floor, when HR used to be centralized. There were only, 1 assistant, 3 executives, 4 managers, one senior manager (Sha) and headed by a VP, Pn Mastura.

Yup, we were small considering having to manage nearly 1500 employees; but we managed to pull it through. We quarrel and we screamed at each other but at the end; we made up and moved on. We criticized one another but when one about to fall, all of us will help to pull her up.

And the best was, when one of us were scolded, all three will face the same penalty! Yup, I can still remember the scream ... 'Niza, Roksana, Nina, Eja... Come Here!' and all of us will look at each other thinking ... o gosh, what have we done now.

And because of that, all four of us were as close as sisters .... until today, three years later.

Sep 15, 2009

Faces of HR

15 September 2009. One by one of my colleagues leaving the company. Last week was Fakhrul, and this week would be Sha's last week.

I'm glad that Haneem, Rafek, Linda, Min, Maz, Zura.. are still around. At least I'm not the only one from the old batch left! The seven survivors -- as at to-date. YeeHaa!

Ooops before I get sued, please note that the design above was inspired by Su Delectables -- Su Yin, if you happen to read this post. Jangan marah ye.. Yours is of course much better :)

Sep 12, 2009

Lavender Kebayas

12 September 2009. I think my creativity skills is on status quo ~ no progress; especially when the client says 'up to you'. Alahai ... absolutely clueless!

So suggested the kebayas (AGAIN!) since I can't think of anything. Hmm if I am a writer, this syndrome is called 'mental block' but what do we call this? Baker's Block? Hahahaha my fellow TESLIANs need your help here ..

Anyway, back to my designs, repeated as you can see but the slight difference is only the Lilies; and that was also inspired by Wiz (Didn't I say I have a 'baker's block'?)

Now, if you were me, what would you design for a 42 year old lady? One of my best buddies, Nina is 41 but she likes Fiona & Shrek! Well, obviously she's one kinda lady ~ loved by many, adored by most.

Sep 9, 2009

London Bridge is calling me ..

There's no cake pictures to be displayed today but I need to write my thoughts down or else I can't sleep!

My MBA mates called me today, persuading me to join them (earlier they said they are not going!) to go for our graduation in London. Gosh!! I really wish I could follow them but the graduation date is on 26th November 09, end of autumn and beginning of winter! And I can't stand being cold!

But I really wanna go as I've never been to London and this is a good reason for me to go. Marina offered me to stay with her aunt while we are there ... so at least I don't have to think about accommodation.

But I still need to spend on flights, my graduation fee, food and of course, winter clothes.. It's going to cost me a bomb, and on top of it I have already committed to the boys that I'll take for a holiday to Penang in December. I have bought the ticket but need to book the rooms which going to cost me at least RM 1500 excluding food and other miscellaneous expenses.

Gosh.. this is difficult. If I want to go, I need to make maximum effort to increase my cake sales. But would it be enough time?

Sometimes I wish I could just be 'woman' and let everything being taken care off. No bills to think about, no fees --- nothing and probably just the 'additional' expenses ... Then probably I would have signed in for this trip without having to think twice!

Sep 6, 2009

Syasya's Make Up Set

6 September 2009. Today is already Sunday. Hmm this weekend has been very tiring. I brought back some work home, thinking I could slot in some time completing it. What was I thinking then? Having 3 orders back to back? Hahaha ... yup I am the person who thinks she came from Krypton. (I still think I could complete it ~probably after Sahur hmm)

Anyway, I'm glad that I decided to accept this order. It's for my ex colleague who happens to be my team mate's girl, for her sister (confusing? heheh did it on purpose!) . At least I got to revised the skills learn from Kak Nadzah's handbag & makeup class, and Angeline's pastilage (how to spell this.. isy spelling fail!) class.

Oh Girls Just Wanna Have Fun :)

Alfa Romeo

5 September 2009.

Sometimes I felt like it's getting out of hand with this cake business .. especially late at night or early dawn when everyone else in the house were sleeping except for me, slogging myself in the kitchen.

But every time I felt like quiting, Syukrie's music lesson fee, his tuition and the boys private religious school fee came flashing in ... And that cute frock for my lil princess Sofia .. And Sabrie's Drama school.

And they have been, again ... as always, kept me moving on..

Sep 5, 2009


5 September 2009.

Woke up at 1am, bake the cuppies. Fallen asleep at 5am while feeding Ad'Din. Woke up again at 7am and non stop working until 4pm. Met the client the Curve, waited about an hour. Then ran to pay my MAXIS. Came home nearly 6.30pm.

About 45 mins later had a quick breakfast with family and left again to deliver another set to Kajang / Bangi. Got lost again ~ as usual (ngaaa I NEED A GPS!). And had to asked them to fetch me at UNITEN ..

Reached home about 10pm... Two orders down, one more to go.... O gosh --- so penat! Need to take some rest.. Really, really pooped and exhausted..

Aug 30, 2009

Aug 25, 2009

Pasar Ramadhan

23 August 2009. I am selling this little cuppies at Pasar Ramadhan DBKL, Pantai Dalam. It's together with Otak-Otak Kempas.. hahaha hopefully it won't melt because of the heat! Imagine this ... the Otak-Otak in a basket -- and tadaaaa... a three tier cupcake stands with cute cuppies. Later I'll post the picture here.

Let's see how it goes -- testing market je ni. Sila la datang la jenguk :)

Flower Basket for Mama..

23 August 2009.

This is for my Aunt who is leaving to Macca on her birthday, 24th August 2009.

Her daughter in law, Ida who ordered this cuppies. She is not just a cousin by marriage but more of a good friend of mine, a person who you can talk too when in doubt.

She helped me to get the cookie alphabet embosser (see the happy birthday note) and surprisingly, as bonus she gets me a Hello Kitty pan as well. Waahhh it's a spot on gift! Love it so much ..

I wrote to Gina about it and this is what she replied

" it was you! Smile
She wanted to get the Cupcake stand for you. But I told her in Malaysia, there are plenty of such things around. its the Hello Kitty bake pan that is rare to find.

She also went wild looking at the stuff even though she told me she couldn't bake and had to rely on you for all the pastries

Hmm if her description of Ida as 'went wild looking' -- I wonder what would she said if I were there instead!! Hahaha -- probably 'frantically grabbing everything!'

Well this cake decorating really gets into me! But I am glad I ventured into this .. As I said earlier, it takes me off my troubles ..