May 1, 2009

My Secret Garden

25th April 2009. Today is Yaya's Birthday party and her mum baked 55 cupcakes for me to decorate.... Gosh! Luckily I took the offer that she bake and I decorate or no way I'd the time to complete in time for the party.

And here it is, a bunch of sweet daisies, petite blossoms, sunflowers and pink butterflies to complete my secret garden. Fondant flowers on top of buttersweet ... hmmm

I hope she enjoys the cupcakes as much as I did when decorating them :)

Banana Chocolate Cupcakes

25th March 2009. My Best Friend's birthday is tomorrow! Banana & Chocolate -- a combination of the two he loves most :)

Started to bake at 8.30pm after dinner ... waited for the cakes to cool down until nearly 12am. Suddenly Ad Din wakes up asking for milk. O dear ... need to pause and feed him. Then continue with the decoration. Penatnyer sampai terlelap kejap kat sofa. Sedar dah jam 2pagi and continue to complete the deco. The last ones are with only one flower on top ha ha dah longlai ....

Anyway, by 3am kek siap ... Haaah ... now can sleep zzz

Yogurt Cheese Cupcakes

9th March 2009. I remember it's someone's birthday today but I can't remember who. Hmm why not I try out this new recipe and see how it goes ... Later the next day I found out it's my good friend's birthday Siti Azmah.. Cehh .. what a 'good' friend I am.

The recipe was taken from the magazine Sedap. Usually I don't trust the recipes in the magazines. But what the heck .. just try it.
The amount of sugar stated was very little. I was in doubt at first and true enough it was a bit flat. Luckily the sweet icing compensate.

Anyway this recipe has been improved with added sugar, cheese and lemon. Thanks to my Sifu Zura who suggested it. This is one of my favourite recipes.

My Quest in Cake Decorating

1st March 2009. Its Abah's birthday and this year for the first time, I'd like to bake his birthday cake myself. I baked an 9" x 9" brownies .. but hmmm it would be a birthday cake without the icing.

So .. i ramsack my kitchen and found some kind of old plastic cake decorating tip. Don't even remember where I got those. Let's see if this work. O my gosh .. the writing turns up to be sooo ugly. But of course the lil piranha ... anxiously waiting to have a bite. Tak cantik pun tak pe ha ha...

Anyway... geram rasanya sebab presentation out! So from there on ... my quest on cake decorating begins ..