May 1, 2009

Yogurt Cheese Cupcakes

9th March 2009. I remember it's someone's birthday today but I can't remember who. Hmm why not I try out this new recipe and see how it goes ... Later the next day I found out it's my good friend's birthday Siti Azmah.. Cehh .. what a 'good' friend I am.

The recipe was taken from the magazine Sedap. Usually I don't trust the recipes in the magazines. But what the heck .. just try it.
The amount of sugar stated was very little. I was in doubt at first and true enough it was a bit flat. Luckily the sweet icing compensate.

Anyway this recipe has been improved with added sugar, cheese and lemon. Thanks to my Sifu Zura who suggested it. This is one of my favourite recipes.

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