Jul 8, 2009

A bite of bitterness

7 July 2009. A 35 year old woman who worked in an NGO at TTDI (part of me wanted to write down the name of her employer if its not because of my friends there.. grrr) called and enquired about my cakes. First she asked about my price so I gave her the range. And later she asked if I can do Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle cake and I confidently said yes.

She asked to look at a sample so I explained that I have not done TMNT before but she can look at my work and judge. She insisted on a sample bafore she can decide -- so I said okay I'll mould one for her.

So I stayed up until 2 am that night, kneading the paste, mixing the colours until to the exact match and the result, Mike -- one of the TMNTs - completed.

Early morning, quickly emailed the picture to her. quoted RM 150 for a 2 kg chocolate cake -- buttercream base but with all four Ninja Turtle sculpted in 4 different fighting actions (which is way below the market price considering hers is my first TMNT).

Waited until noon but no reply, nor a call from her. So I called her up - And guess what she said, Emm this is not what we are looking for. It has no weapon .. so I explained that I will only do the complete set once she confirmed order which she has not. And yet, repeatedly she said its not .... what they are looking for. I asked again if it is too expensive, she chuckled and said no ... again saying the same phrase and she said bye.

If I have not called would she even call me? Nope I don't think so she has the guts because I think she knows its not ethical -- unless which I hope not, she has no morale and just not bothered.

OMG!! No apology.. no nothing .. the sample cost me nearly RM20 excluding the effort spent on it. Goshhh... anyway I believe what goes around will definitely comes around. Isyyy gerammmnyer!

And my Sifu was correct when she said, you should avoid this kind of customers. Should be able to read from the first reaction of asking a sample. They need to be blacklisted! So my fellow baker friends we should form an association. And this people should be blacklisted from our list of clients. Anyone wants her name? Email me.


  1. Salam Niza,

    Poor you, I know exactly how it feels. Please do not entertain when people ask you to do samples or ask you to give out some too. Actually you can anticipate these kind of customers by just reading them. I do my bussiness on trust, if the customers give me the trust then I would do the same, in fact I would offer even more.

    From what I have seen from your blog, I think you are such a talented cake artist. You are very good in figurines. You don't need to take classes with me la, I think you are doing just fine.

  2. Thanks Wiz for you tips.

    Wiz, a promise is a promise. The purpose of this class is not just to learn but to have a good network.

    I would like to meet you in person besides I still need to brush up my flowers design.

    See you on the 18th!