Jul 21, 2009

Syukrie's Transformer Cake

21 July 2009.

Dear Syukrie,

Happy Birthday son. You are today, 9 years old.....

Anyway, no presents for you boy... You need to improve on your examinations results and we'll see if you can have a 'deferred' present year end.

I know you can do it. You did very well in your tuition quizes, and you read a lot. But.... one thing, that has yet to improve. Again and again the same thing that I nagged you about, the same thing that your teachers, your ustaz commented about you. You are taking too much time doing things -- finishing your school work, your exams ...

I gave you a watch but it's broken. I gave you an alarm clock but I end up having to remind you still ...Time waits for no man Syukrie.

Hmm there must be a way that'd make you change. One of them, is that You are willing to change and 'transform' ..

I believe you can Syukrie. I believe you can.


PS: Enjoy your Transformers cake and cuppies with your Kafa friends :)


  1. kalau la kat intenet bole bau dan rasa...best btul...autobot transform!

  2. hahah if only kan .. sure best :) How's your bisness Mak Ngah are you on full time or part time?