Oct 9, 2009

I'm yours tonite

9 October 2009.

I'm yours tonight

As the sun sets after the evening rain
And the birds began to hide
I whisper your name, again and again
saying.. Darling, I am yours tonight

As the clouds move away, leaving the sky dark blue
And the stars twinkle, under the bright moonlight
And since early of the day, I'm here waiting... passionately for you
saying, .. Darling, I am yours tonight

As silence washed the streets, as everyone sounds asleep
and the dogs howl, cheering the moon of the night
I heard the car brakes, and the door bell beep
and you saying, ... Darling, you are mine tonight


  1. I love reading your poem niza. Keep it up. I did leave a comment in your latest post, but it didn't appear. hhmm..lupa clik post button kot.
    I love yr decorations.

  2. Thanks for your encouragement Uji :) Will definitely continue writing ..