Oct 14, 2009

Power Puff Girls

12 October 2009

I wonder

I wonder what is she waiting for..
Her knight to come in a shinning armour?
Yearning j'aime mon amie
Begging her on his knee
as the blood rushed to her face ..we can see

But was that what she waiting for?
Or just a sincere meaningful mi amore
To greet her in the morning as if its his duty
Kisses her by the bedside, as he is off to the sea
Fishing and scouting for food to feed the family?

Hmm I still wonder
as until now there is still no answer..

1 comment:

  1. Waits as she does
    Looking for a sign to make the move
    Waiting for her at the station, is the bus
    All she needs to, is to alight and fly off like a dove

    Waits as she does
    What else does she need to do
    Tired of being in the blues
    Take the first step, the rest will be on the go!