Nov 1, 2009

Bye Mak Abah ..


I saw them packed
and the roses nod, the leaves flap
as the sky turns dark, pouring rain
as if we would never see them again

I saw them packed
and I whisper " tu vas me manquér”
as they turned their back
hoping they can’t hear
as I have to be strong for him and her

I saw them packed
and the room is now half empty
leaving only memories
of sweet, bitter agony

I saw them packed
and my heart had a piercing pain
until I was able to grasp my breath again
just to bid …… Adieu, Farewell, Bye, Dada
to my dear Mak and Abah

"Selamat Menunaikan Haji ..Mak Abah, Maafkan segala dosa Ja dari lahir hingga sekarang.."

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