Mar 25, 2010

Red & White Cake

You were here deep within
and me reminiscing every touch of your skin
that brought a magical spell
that pulled me down until i fell
into a deep hole
unknown to any soul ....

I searched in this darkness
Lead by my heart, guided by sense
where would this lead to..
oh gosh ...I wish I knew..
just hope it would not be another journey
of lost love and misery ..

1 comment:

  1. i've thrown you down in the chasm
    but not because of malicious reason
    but because i too in pitch darkness
    due to ignorance, arrogance and
    foolish self-serving pretenses

    Now i am on the verge of losing
    Though not of my own choosing
    I humbly admit i am at fault
    But destroying our bond, never crossed my thought

    Have i really lost your love
    Win it back, are the steps to be taken
    I supplicate to the All Mighty above
    Not to include me amongst the forsaken

    Claw, crawl, beg and grovel I must
    Just to catch that glimmer of your trust
    With Grace and Compassion from above
    I’ll fight to win your love