May 25, 2010


"Mama, who are these Spiderman cupcakes for" a curious note popped out from my 'reserved and quiet' son.

"Its for Nassif, Ad Din's friend from the hospital ..remember"

"Owh .. wow .. and he is also two?"

"Yup, why?"

"Well, Ad Din just know Mickey Mouse and he doesn't know his name"

Hmm ... yeah, actually in comparison, my friend's son is more advanced than my son. Then I started to ponder.

I had 4 kids before Ad Din .. and all were taken care by me and my husband. No maid. But when we had Ad Din, I was in the midst of completing my MBA .. and having a maid has suddenly becoming a need.

The initial intention was that the maid could help out with the chores, but now I realize that she had become the second mum to Ad Din.

And now since I started baking, at times I let the maid took him to bed with her, without realizing that I had deny him that special privilege of having his mum tugging him to bed.

Ad Din is now two, just a day older than Nassif. .. and I hope its not too late to make a change, and make him 'mummy's little boy' again...

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