Apr 12, 2011

Ballet Kitty

And lately as though everyone here just had their cholesterol check or simply shocked by the news;
'healthy lifestyle' crept into everyone's conversation like the latest fad.

Fiza was talking about competing in the Energizer run.
Nazura and her passion on cycling. Kept on updating us (on FB) where and when she cycles and how many km she's cycled
Azah, Audrey and Sui Wei wanted to join One World's gym as it inclusive the usage of their swimming pool.

They had asked me to join which is very thoughtful of them only that of course I had my own reservations... . (the truth is that I do not know how to swim ..)

So instead, I asked them to accompany me in the Belly Fusion dance class at One U .
But guess what all them burst into laughter.

And then I saw it ...

As though I was watching a replay of a Disney movie, an illusion of Gloria, the Hippo Madagascar in her tutu doing a pirouette beaming from their eyes.

And finally after hearty teary laughters someone said ..' Are you really doing Ballet, Niza?'
Gosh, I wonder what my friends are like at times ... "You guys are totally deluded. Its BELLY dance not Ballet la ..." I said
They paused for a short while, raised their eye brows and continue laughing ..

Hmmph, that's just probably just too much to ask for friends support.

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