Jul 19, 2011

My Angry Bird @ WHI

No man is an island .. yup, that was what I said when the host asked me how did I manage my time as a mother of 4, a full time HR manager, did my MBA and now a cake decorator but still having the time to read and write my blog.. I could have not done all of that without the support and encouragement from my family and close friends.

Sometimes I wonder whether I had pushed myself too much but then I realize that we would not know our potentials until we push them to a limit. The only thing that we must remember is to set our priorities right. When workload is overwhelming, I restricted my cake orders. When there are few of both .. I relaxed and read.

But when there is an order, especially on a weak day, I had to sacrifice my sleep. My cake decorating work only starts when the kids had fallen asleep.. It's hard work I know, but the only thing that kept me motivated is my passion.

Love what we do ... and the reward will come on its own :)


  1. tengah tengok WHI nih terus datang terjah sini dan follow terus...sangat nice lag angsry bird tu !!! semoga success be wif u ya =)

  2. tgk whi gak td, teruje nak belajar wt decoration utk cupcake ! hit me back http://tayanggorgeous.blogspot.com/

  3. Naddy .. boleh belajar from YouTube juga ..:)