Jul 24, 2011

How to make Angry Birds Cupcakes .. Live on WHI, 22 July 2011

I appeared on WHI on Friday, 22nd July 2011 as one of their guests. My segment was to show on how to decorate a cupcake, an Angry Bird cupcake to be exact.

To those who missed that show or could not catch what was taught within that short period, here is step by step guide on how to make An Angry Bird:


1. A golf ball size of plain white sugar paste, divided into 3.

2. A bit of water to act as glue.

3. Some icing sugar to avoid the paste stuck to your hands.

4. Food colouring - red, yellow & orange.

5. Edible black marker -- or black sugar paste.


1. Colour the sugar paste into red and yellowish orange.. Leave some without any colours on.

2. Mould the red sugar paste into a teardrop shape.

3. Flatten some of the plain white sugar paste, make a flat triangle shape. Brush some water on the bottom of the red teardrop paste and glue the white paste on it. The triangle point facing up -- that will be the chin.

4. Next shape two small round white sugar paste to make the eyes.

5. Draw 2 lines on top of the eyes as the eyebrow, pointing up. If you have a black sugar paste .. roll 2 thin string as paste them on top.

6. Draw a black dot as the eye. Again, if you have a black paste, glue a small round black paste on top.

3. Shape 2 small triangles using the yellowish orange sugar paste. Stick them together, one on top the other. Cut the bottom of the triangles to make them straight and even. This will make the beak.

4. Stick the beak underneath the eyes.

5. Flatten a tiny red sugar paste into small oval shape. Cut the middle half way to make it like 2 separate paste stick in the middle. Paste the middle on top on the head.

Thats' it! You have made an Angry Bird sugar paste.

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