Nov 16, 2011

Day 1 without my Boss

It has been a raining season here. The clouds were heavy; and pouring rain almost everyday. Last Sunday was not an exception.... and the rain continued till Monday morning.

The weather was breezing cool, and the heavy clouds blocked the sun from shining through my bedroom window. My sleepy head was comfortably tucked on my pillow, and my body curled under the cozy blanket. The alarm kept on screaming; but I still could not pull myself out of the bed.

"Hmm .. what is the worst thing could happen? The Boss is away for a holiday starting today.. yipeee!" I thought gleefully.

"Niza. The worst thing could happen in that the CEO forgotten that M was away and looked for the Senior Manager; which is you! And guess what .. it is 8:30am and this newly promoted girl is not at her desk yet." Yikes! I snapped and rush to the bathroom. Oh my gosh! Stupid. Stupid girl! I was cursing myself under the cold shower.

Time was slipping fast and I slipped into one of the ready-ironed long dress. Wrapped my head with a wrinkle-free shawl and rushed to work. As I walked out to the elevator, only then I remember that this silk long dress need to be worn with my long cotton inner. It flows softly over each curve of my body. Gosh .. now I had to walk around holding my breath tucking in my tummy!

Anyway, thank god of the Pashmina I left at the office, at least I could hide some fat underneath. And yes, I made it on time; sharp 8.30am. Phewww..


  1. hahahaha...sgt comel...kak niza comel.
    saya pun selalu malas nak bangun tp bila fikirkan yg my CEO suka tiba2 terus bangun and mandi.

  2. kan iza .. that's the best alarm clock hehe