Dec 29, 2012

Winnie the Pooh & Friends Cake

I looked at the clock. It was only 12pm.. Yes! Cake completed and I could make it on time to send to the party. This is my first 2 tier cartoon cake -- and I loved every second doing it. It was so much fun decorating, making the figurines...

Anyway it was time to present it to the Birthday boy... and we drove there. That was the time when I cursed on every bumps on the road -- worried sick that my piglet and tigger would fall. And my fear came true. As we reached the destination, my tigger fell and the piglet's ears dropped!

The Event planner was already there with her assistants preparing the food. They were rushing and could not lend me a hand. I scanned for tooth picks -- and lucky me, they were serving cut fruits. So yes I found a box of tooth pick on the table. Here comes the Mc Gyver in me, trying to fix things up. I did. The tigger was back at he supposed to be standing and the piglet got his ears back. Unfortunately nothing could be done to help the crack on the cake due to the fall. I just hope my figurines could distract it .. Gosh. What an experience!

Lesson learnt: A tigger standing on its tail need to be nailed onto to the cake.

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