May 3, 2009

Cute Cookies

2nd May 2009. I attended the cookie fun class at Cake Connection today. The insructor is a full time engineer and selling cookies as side income.. cool isn't it? Her recipe is so easy and she shared some good tips in cookie baking. Glad that I went to her class. Now, one of the steps is to cool the decorated cookie in an air-conditioning room. The icing need to dry fast or the cookies will not be as crispy. Hmm... that would a challenge. I tried to dry them in a open air under the fan and yup ... the cookies 'masuk angin'. O dear -- looks like have to postpone this new project or think of some other ways to keep the cookie fresh and dry the icing at the same time. Kena beli air cond dulu le ..


  1. Hi Niza!!

    wow... the cookies look beautiful.. rugilah I tak join you... but can I pay you to teach me (at a portion of the price CC is charging) ok ke?? am serious ni!! ;-)

    for a beginner that you claim you are, the cuppies look wonderful!! you sure have the talent in you!! keep up the good work and let's continue to share!!

  2. Hi Tini

    No need to pay la --- we do barter trade on knowledge transfer.

    Tomorrow I can email you my notes, pretty simple but it's a challenge to keep the cookies fresh.

    Thanks for your encouragement and yes, let's continue to share :)

  3. AnonymousJuly 18, 2009

    Auntie you cuppies and cookies are amazing!! So delicate! you got magical fingers!!

    I have been looking for a bakery that does cookies like this. There's one in London that is my favourite

    but yours look better - and definetly halal!!

    Hajar x

  4. Thanks Hajar :) Probably one day. I'd able to export these to London to cater for the Muslims.