May 3, 2009

Red Roses Cupcakes

1st May 2009. Tried out Martha Stewart's vanila cupcakes but reduced the sugar and replace milk with cream. Tasted nice but the oven failed me the 1st time --- the temperature was not consistent. The first batch was out--- did not cook well, can still taste the egg .. yaksss.

Gave to Mak, who is quite meticoulous when it comes to Art or Bakery, commented that:

1. The design of the roses are too 'rough' -- need to finetune or change to other design with petals.. Gosh ... tingginyer standard. Cek kena pi belajaq dulu Mak .. :)
2. I need to change my oven or I'll end up making more that I should in case the oven's themostat broke down again..

Spoke to hubby and suggested that instead of buying a new oven, lets borrow Mak's oven. O dear ...that means transporting that big oven all the way from BG. Can't even imagine how to carry them into the car. NVM .. I might bake again tomorrow and see if I can 'play around' with the themostat.

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