Jul 13, 2009

A Party on 'China Hill'

11 July 2009. One of my MBA coursemates invited us to a BBQ party at his bungalow or shall I say his castle. The castle I think could easily house 200 people at a same time; his master bed room is as big as my apartment, has 5 storerooms and a basement parking. Waaaah...the first time I have ever been to a house that big...

He is very rich man, own a local business and also a branch in Abu Dhabi. But he is very humble; sat with us on the same small hard steel chair, small desk with his electronic English disctionary on the table. Yes, he sometimes had to translate some of the lectures but his effort and endurance drived us to complete the 24 months journey.

It was a long awaited gathering to celebrate that we had all completed the journey, even we had then not knowing whether all of us had passed or not. This is us --- finding reasons to celebrate, gather and eat, eat, eat even for a simplest reason. Completed MBA.

In the midst of enjoying the grilled lamb and delicious durians (o yes LOTs of them!!) and of course my buttercreame strawberry cake .. the host popped out a question to the Programme Manager "Is the results out yet? Anyone fail" .. All face turned to him in suspence, no more laughter -- and all waited in silence. "Yes" he said. Yes what? we ask, yes, the results are out or yes someone failed ...

Yes he said, the results should be out soon and no, he smiled -- none of us failed. Yeah!! We cheered but still none of us were that confident until we see the results...

How did I do? As suspence as everyone I can't wait to login to UEL and check my results!!

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