Jul 13, 2009

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

12 July 2009. Yup, look familiar isn't? God sent a friend to save this Ninja Turtle. Dot, (pronounced like the arabic letter 'D'ot) was my room mate when I was single. She was also my husband's colleague and also most importantly who introduced me to him, my funny adorable (long haired, ninja look, thick eyebrow, clean face with a bit of moustache -- description of 10 years ago hehe) husband.

She sent me a note saying that she wanted to order TMNT cake. Coincidence? Nope, I don't think so -- she must have read my blog, and wanted to release me from the pain.

Yup this is my friend, a friend who one do not wanna loose, whom you know is a treasure beyond the normal hello-how-are-you friendship. After more than 5 years, she came and pay us visit. The short one hour was on continous chatting, trying to keep each other updated.

She and her husband are both entreperneur. She had her own fashion brand focusing on Moslem outfit, among of course her hampers and wedding items. Eventhough they claimed they are not successful yet (in their definitions maybe) but having to witness how they were 10 years ago, I am amazed by their achievement. A man who was a Training coordinator and lady who was a Secretary can now own a factory and a fashion lable. Hah! Who would guest that?

They inspired me to be a SOHO (now only I know what does it mean - thanks An!). And as advised -- I shall start by registering a company. This shall be my next quest.


  1. Nothing went to waste! That's just wonderful. What I have learnt in this biz kan Niza, whatever that you think you have lost will always be replaced by something else. Kata lah ada order yang kena cancelkan but b4 you know it, Allah akan gantikan dgn order yang sama atau yang lebih baik dari sebelum nya. Untuk itu Wiz bersyukur sgt2 and everytime bad things happen I look up and say I know you are giving me something better. That always put me back on my feet.

  2. Thanks Wiz ... yes He knows better what is best for us. Cuma kena lebih bersabar .. Insyaallah