Aug 25, 2009

Flower Basket for Mama..

23 August 2009.

This is for my Aunt who is leaving to Macca on her birthday, 24th August 2009.

Her daughter in law, Ida who ordered this cuppies. She is not just a cousin by marriage but more of a good friend of mine, a person who you can talk too when in doubt.

She helped me to get the cookie alphabet embosser (see the happy birthday note) and surprisingly, as bonus she gets me a Hello Kitty pan as well. Waahhh it's a spot on gift! Love it so much ..

I wrote to Gina about it and this is what she replied

" it was you! Smile
She wanted to get the Cupcake stand for you. But I told her in Malaysia, there are plenty of such things around. its the Hello Kitty bake pan that is rare to find.

She also went wild looking at the stuff even though she told me she couldn't bake and had to rely on you for all the pastries

Hmm if her description of Ida as 'went wild looking' -- I wonder what would she said if I were there instead!! Hahaha -- probably 'frantically grabbing everything!'

Well this cake decorating really gets into me! But I am glad I ventured into this .. As I said earlier, it takes me off my troubles ..

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