Aug 21, 2009

Salam Ramadhan to all..

21 August 2009. This cake was initially meant to a Golf Cake for one of the big bosses in Scomi. It was supposed to be a surprise but luckily, my gut feels say that I must check his schedule. True enough, he is going to Singapore ... hahahaha the surprise 'surprises' me instead!

So since I have thought of giving the cake to him & his staff -- I twist it to 'Salam Ramadhan' and let his staff enjoyed it instead. Well, I guess his rezki for the cake will delayed for another year, Insyaallah.. :)

For the past 11 years of working with Suria and Scomi -- there are only a few of bosses that gave me an impact on my self development ... And he is one of those few.

10 years ago he taught me my first lesson on ownership -- ' Are you a postman? You don't even understand the document you sent to me?' Gosh -- those sentences slices through my heart like King Arthur's sword but I thank him for that, as from thereon I tried my best to understand anything I was assigned to assist, even though it's too 'advance' for my brain to compute.

Thanks Boss ! And to the other bosses ... wait for your turn :)

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