Sep 24, 2009

Shirt & Tie

23 September 2009.

This picture was taken before a last minute 'alteration' was made. I changed the pen to a handkerchief instead but did not had the time to snap a new photo.

Why the change? If you notice the pen looked a bit cacat -- like kontot like that kan? Hmm so not classy at all. So there it was -- a handkerchief as better alternative.

This was also ordered by the same bride-to-be (if you notice the colour scheme are the same).

Anyway, I need to continue my babbling on weddings and marriages. There is this blog that I followed (written by the other 'species') that talked about women, nope wives to be exact who complaints a lot about their husbands .. Of course his writing/opinion would be bias.

So to make it even, allow me to write from the opposite point of view. A wife who volunteered to help to ease their husband's burden who ends up having to pay 100% of the household expenses. Until one fine day, when they finally realize that their 'help' has been upgraded to be their responsibility.

Someone wise once told me that a happy couple would have an equal balance of responsibilities when one would not question the other half's 'lack of contribution'. Example, when the wife was back from work, the wife cooked and served the food, the husband would do the dishes or vice versa -- definitely not this. When the wife was back from work, while the partner was in front of TV, the wife cooked and served the food, the husband would enjoy the meal, and leave the plate on the table. Hmm familiar? And the wife would voiced out her frustration, computed the other half as ... nagging/complaints.

So my fellow blogger, whom I know would be reading this soon. Yes, you were right. Men are the higher species who leads and women are made from their ribs who supports ... but then again, not all men able to lead, and not all women able to support without being led.

It takes two person to marry. Not just one.

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