Sep 24, 2009

Green Cupcakes

23 September 2009.

This is a set of 16 cupcakes ordered by a sweet petite lady for her engagement day.

And on the four top -- written as "Ira Loves Epi" Ahh .. so sweet. How a girl declares her love as how he would declares his, in his own way.

As I was surfing, I found this website, created by our ex intern. A very helpful, matured young man, who was majoring in IT. The website was about his wedding preparation and until the day he was wedded to his dream girl.

I found it very romantic and witness (reading actually) how a man loves his woman. How he waited for her for three years after being rejected and left without a word. How he struggle to gain her trust. How he manage to convince her that age was not a boundary. If he were my brother, he would have made me proud. A very, very rare species indeed ...

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