Sep 17, 2009

Wonder Pets

17 September 2009.

Apa yang penting kerjasama
Kami tak besar, kami tak kuat
bila kerjasama
semua jadi mudah ..

I like this theme song! It reminded me when I was at 10th Floor, when HR used to be centralized. There were only, 1 assistant, 3 executives, 4 managers, one senior manager (Sha) and headed by a VP, Pn Mastura.

Yup, we were small considering having to manage nearly 1500 employees; but we managed to pull it through. We quarrel and we screamed at each other but at the end; we made up and moved on. We criticized one another but when one about to fall, all of us will help to pull her up.

And the best was, when one of us were scolded, all three will face the same penalty! Yup, I can still remember the scream ... 'Niza, Roksana, Nina, Eja... Come Here!' and all of us will look at each other thinking ... o gosh, what have we done now.

And because of that, all four of us were as close as sisters .... until today, three years later.

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