Oct 3, 2009

It's not a cake. It's custard cream puff

2 October 2009.

I love cream puff. I piped a swirl but when its baked; the swirl has gone.

But most importantly the taste was nice .. as what my colleagues said! I actually stood in front of them watching their reaction as they put the puff into their mouth to see the genuine feedback. And yes .. I believe them. Haha a bit kiasu isn't it? Hmm probably because of the generous custard fillings.

This was served for a farewell party to one of our captains.

Bye, bye my Captain

As loud as the ship siren
the general call
bye,bye my captain
I believe you shall not fall
off you go to this land over the sea
as they are waiting for you to lead them to victory

As loud as the final siren
the general call in vain
bye,bye my captain
I wouldn't know if I'd ever see you again
but I shall not cry, nor I will weep
as this shall mark your success in a double leap

Bye,bye my captain ....

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