Dec 14, 2009



Its been quite some time since I last baked (and wrote) :)

Now I am back, feeling excited and inspired with new ideas... Nothing is more refreshing than a good holiday ..

As you would have read (or seeing my pictures ehem ..hehe) I went for my graduation in London, and took a slight detour to Paris.

Paris -- a place where I told my friend 'the place where you find peace, where it took all your worries away and as if you have reached the end of a rainbow'.

It's so beautiful, the people are all laid back -- no rush, and you can take your time going from one place to another. Their architecture represents their history and I was amazed of how they have had kept them in good condition after all these years.

Anyway not all are pretty. On our first day, my friend was picked-pocket by a group of young sweet teenage girls. It was so fast! They could even zipped the bag back as if they had never opened it!

She lost 200 Euros + 200 Pounds + 200 MYR -- gosh! Luckily she did not kept all her money at one place. That was the ugly part. But it also witness a true friendship.

One of our classmates had generously extended some cash (on loan) to my friend. Friends like him are hard to find ~ and it all started with MBA - International Business Cohort 10A.

The rest of the stories will be continued later, probably at the pictures I posted below.

Until then, bye.

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