Dec 19, 2009


Life is what you make out of it.

You could choose either to continue living as how you did 20/10 years ago and thinking what might have been if ....

Yes, if. One syllable word that would make you stop, halt and think, leaving you on a crossroad.

A crossroad between the safest way or the road of desire chasing your dreams.

A crossroad between the happiness of your children at present or painful steps but will lead to a better future.

These, from a woman who thinks too much would stopped her chasing her dreams. Until she realize that ... life is what you make out of it.


  1. Atoi........very poetic..very your dreams coz if dont, life is like a broken wing bird that cannot fly

  2. crossroads in every little thing everyday, the question is whether to put my wants at the first place or 2nd? what's right vs what's the easy way out? hmmm...