Jan 17, 2011

The tea party ..


"Yes dear ..." my eyes are still fixed with Kinsella's Shopoholic & Baby, reading the same part where Becky confronted Cruella de Vanetia in front of Luke for the third time today ...

"Maaa .." a helpless sigh came from her voice. I look up and saw her giving me that quizzical look again ...

"What's wrong dear ?" I noticed that the musical jewellery is already next her, and she is wearing the colourful necklace beads

"You said .. we are going to shop?"

"Oh yes .. definately!" I said trying to fake some excitement ... Hmm I am not looking forward to go out, I just wish I could stay home this weekend. It has been two weekends with birthdays, two weekends with lots of food .. and yes lots of cooking and baking.

The musical box is still ajar and inside is a little ballerina dancing to the music ... Like an enchanted box, mesmerizing her to it, until the music stops..

And as if something struck her mind .. she sprung up from the bed and said "Will you get me a tea party set for my birthday present?"

"Sofia .. Mak Tok has already gotten you a set as your birthday present remember?"

I remembered the finale of her birthday party last week .. the excitement of opening her birthday presents.

The musical box was one of it ....given by her Aunty Nina. And all the Barbie stuff .. the Sassy Doll given by her Uncle Kevin, the school bag & colours by Eja, the Barbie tumbler by Aunt Pauline, the stationery set & purse by her Aunty Tina and the smart looking activity Pooh Set by Hani. And on top of it, the day after, my mum took her shopping and gotten herself another gift!

Thats more than enough for a five old .. shouldn't it be? I look at her puzzled.

"Mama .. that is a cooking set not for tea party ... " she's whining again.

Gosh probably next year I should register her birthday gifts list instead !!!

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