Jan 16, 2011

The preparation

It's 2.34 am. I had just completed cleaning the kitchen. The Chicken curry & Sham's Sheppard pie filling have finally cooked.... I have been awake and slogging myself since Subuh; completing the party pack, ironing the kids outfit for tomorrow, completing the birthday cake & cupcakes... hmm my ankle hurts .. Gosh ..... and this is just for 5 year old birthday party.

Tomorrow there's another line of work to be done before the party starts at 4pm....Including picking the helium balloons at One Utama. My mind start to wonder how the place going to look like with the Silver & Pink balloons .. and I can see myself smiling ...

Oo dear, wish I could write more but I need to retire now .. and will continue to write about this later.

Good night or.. good morning rather:)

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