May 16, 2011

Scomi turns 8 - Part 2

Something extraordinary happened on Scomi's 8th birthday. Something that will not make me looked at Marcus the same way I did before.

The management team were about to find a seat for themselves when the MC announced that they will be the first performing 'artist' for the day .. Some were fast enough to walked down and hid themselves in between the crowd. It must be difficult to be top and famous, they would never able to hide from the eyes of the paparazzi. No one was spared. All of them were told to be at the stage.

"Now, let's see if the bosses know how to use their body parts.." The MC was grinning.

The GCEO raised his eyebrow and shook his head. "I have a very bad feeling on this guys" He mumbled.

A catchy song was played from the stereo; and two beautiful dancers walked gracefully to the front of the stage.

"Ok guys .. its very simple. All you need to do is to follow their move" The MC gave a direct and clear instruction the performing artistes.

And the dancers started dancing to what seemed to be a combination of a Bollywood and belly dance steps. They were very lively and full of spirit; except that of course, their first time public-dancing students were not as enthusiastic.

It was hilarious watching the bosses imitating out the steps without making a fool of themselves. As though watching the orientation show during the first week of college, only this time the juniors were given the pleasure to hound the seniors.

Ella was right, it was indeed a funny show but hmm .. that was not as spectacular as the next performance I am about to tell you.

A group of tall fit looking guys in their stylish sun glasses skipped and hopped to the stage ready to dance. I recognized few of them, Tony, Lee, Mi .. and hang on, was that Marcus? Gosh .. he was such a nerdy engineer .. but wow! He totally looked different in that out look.

"And now ... specially brought to you, the Sexy Eight ! " The MC announced.

The crowd whistled and cheered. Male dancers performing to an audience in which the majority were girls was definitely more than we bargained for.

Each one of them hold a stalk of red rose in between their lips .. and then they dance to what seemed like the salsa when suddenly they start throwing the roses away.

And .. slowly they took off the sun glasses, swirl it a bit and throw them too!

The audience started to get excited when gradually the dance began to insinuate some sexually suggestive moves. And one of them, a sensuous act of swinging their hands to the back while thrusting their middle front made the audience screamed hysterically.

The screaming became more intense as the hunks slowly unbuttoning their shirt and by the time their shirts was removed, I guess it made most of us ladies turned flushing red!

Ok now. Please hold on to your imagination. No sir, they did not expose their muscular well tone body nor their six pack; but a sleeveless inner shirt with an obvious statement .."I AM SEXY 8".

"Take them off too!" Someone shouted from the floor.

And as I thought they would actually adhere to that request, the sexy hunks continued to unbuckle their belt and slowly pulling it out of their pants. They place the belt in between their legs, swaying it to and fro, before throwing it out to the audience. Oh my gosh! I could feel my jaw dropped and as I looked around ... so was everyone else.

That was the finale .. of such a mind blowing performance. A thumbs up to Fiza the choreographer!

And as for me, I left my office that day filled with euphoria ... and yes, Bernice stayed until the end too :)

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