May 26, 2011

Table Tennis: Day 1

Scomi's 1FA Mean Green team had won all three games against the COMRED on the first day.

Kamal played the Men Single match. The 40++ man who fought against an 20++ year old guy, proven that youth alone is not the determining factor but it was the experience and skill that led to victory. Kamal won with a straight set.

At the next table, Akmal and Jais played men double against the furious pair of Zunnurain and Sahzan. It was full of suspense and both team were as equally strong and skillful. The points difference did not move more than 3; that was how stiff and close the match was. However, due to Kamal's earlier victory in the first male single, it had inspired and built up the green team's confidence. Akmal and Jais became more aggressive but yet singularly focused on winning.

The opponent instead was put under pressure, and fumble into making a lot of mistakes. The green crowd cheered and Syahril's voice alone, towered over against the COMREDs.

It was an awesome game .. and yes, we won that game with a straight set.

Next was Zubaidi and Noor who played against Baizura and Osman in mix double. Zubaidi and Noor played it cool with smooth killer serves. And that alone collected most points. Osman was fierce but I guess he was under pressure to back his partner up; and that unfortunately led him making ineffective and ultimately pointless smashes.

They too won with straight set.

The green crowd was overwhelmed with joy. And to top it up, Hamadah text messages .. " Scomi's NKLF Mix double won all games against ALL houses. And Male Single won against Blue. Today the Male Double will determine the winner"

This year, I am hopeful, that we shall win the match.

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