Feb 13, 2012

Myths on losing weight

Most women think they are overweight even to someone who weighs only 55kg. Having the common belief, we banded together and formed a club. A club that started with one of our lunch buddies whining of her not losing enough weight, despite the diet she had gone through. A 6 member club with one common objective; to fit, the very least into a dress with 2 sizes less. Every one of us had our own way and during our pursuit, we came across few myths which we thought could help us achieve our goals.

Myth 1: Download an application that will track down your calorie intake into your smart phone.

This was my idea of losing weight; of keeping track of what I ate. So every time we go out for lunch, I would whip out my smart phone and start calculating the calorie of each meal that we were about to order. That normally ended up of us having miserable clear vegetable soup or the 6 of us having to share one measly dessert of ‘Kueh Seri Muka’ with portions that would not even satisfy hamsters. At the end, it was an utterly depressing lunch experience. By the third lunch outing, I was threatened with bodily harm to not even logged on to that application. Hence, it was banished from my phone.

Myth 2: Do a rigorous exercise.

One of the members believed that exercising is the ultimate method. Since she wanted to shed the most kilos, she believed that she needs to exercise more than the rest of us. While we are contented in doing just 12 squats a day, she chose to do a hundred. She did burn a lot of calories but it practically rendered her immobile. Her legs and thighs were sore as though they were punched by Mohamad Ali. We ended up doing her errands for her that requires mobility.

At the end of the day, all of us agreed that no amount of smart applications could help us reduce our weight, nor any rigorous exercises could do too. All we need is a continuous self motivation and strong will power.

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