Feb 13, 2012

Sometimes we have to loose something precious ..

Busy was an understatement. I accepted too many cake orders and at the same time -- work piled up faster than it could be completed.

To top it all .. last week KL traffic was one of the worst .. even though Papago GPS was designed to capture road traffic -- there was no infrastructure to facilitate! Qualsys Communication could have worked with Papago and make a hell lot of money out of this.

Anyway today at lunch we met Mr. SY. He was alone. Suddenly it dawn upon me .. that most of the Presidents would go out lunch alone. I asked him that .. "Are you alone? It must be very lonely at the top kan?" . His face changed; showed that he was amazed that I made that statement .. so I continue saying .." I usually see Mr. SB alone at lunch. So I guess the Presidents prefer to eat alone" His answer surprised me more .. he said " That is the only way to avoid gossip"

So is that how it is .. sometimes we have to loose something precious, in order to receive something priceless?

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